Jeevan Parajuli

Assistant Cameraman

Jeevan Parajuli is prominent and acclaimed film cinematographer of Nepal. He has contributed to the film industry through cinematography from not only his blossoming films but also scenery new and exclusive trends in his arrangement. His best known cinematography films are: -NIRJALA, JHATKA, BINDAS LIFE, AGHORI, KINA RUNCHA MERO MAAN, KALE DAI, SPARSHA,BINAYO, KUINETO, NIMTO and CARRENG GANG-3 etc. Also, his trendy cinematography documentary film and television serial are: MANDAN DEUPUR NAGARPALIKA EK CHINARI, HARKE HALDAR, MICKAL JACKSON & DEAR JINDAGI and best known cinematography 50 more Nepali music videos.

Born on: 15 November, 1993


Height: 5.4

Nepali 2019
Assistant Cameraman