Jeeya Jurir Xubax (2014)

 ●  Assamese ● Running Time: TBA

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In a remote riverside a plaque was accidentally discovered from a burial. It reveals that something had happened to this person in the hands of the British. The people assumed the he was a freedom fighter, hence a martyr and proper recognition should be given to him. The government declared to erect a statue in honour of the great martyr as an attempt gain political advantage. But there was no reference, not even a photograph which can form the basis of the statue. The children of the martyr's family try to figure out their ancestor's face by looking through the hereditary characteristics that are passed onto genetically. They examine the faces of different generations to discover similarity and commonality to create the 'probable' person. But gradually they realized that a real man is found not in his appearance but in his works, so they try to discover and evaluate his deeds. Meanwhile, the older people are busy in digging out orthodox caste matters, the youths are busy more in the celebration aspects and the government is busy in trying to score political issues. At last, the children thought that they have found the real man and give shape to their understanding in the form of a play, through which people get a look into the past of a person, of the village, of the times.

Cast: Dibyajyoti Das, Victor Banerjee

Crew: Sanjib Sabhapandit (Director), Parasar Baruah (Director of Photography), Aniruddh Baruah (Music Director)

Genres: Drama

Release Dates: 13 Mar 2014 (India)

Assamese Name: জীয়া জুৰিৰ সুবাস

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