Jung Da Maidan (1997)

 ●  Punjabi ● Running Time: TBA

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Jaswant lives a middle-class lifestyle with his sister, Laddhu, and widowed mom in a village in Punjab, India. He is friendly with Thanedar Kishanchand, and is aware that both Laddhu and Kishanchand are attracted to each other. He discusses this alliance with Kishanchand, and with his approval, arranges their engagement and also prepares himself to propose marriage to his sweetheart, Shammu, who lives with two brothers, Dharmu and Teju, and Dharmu's wife. The village they live in has an annual Kabootar (pigeon) competition. Jaswant wins, but his competitor, Tarhu, is angered, provokes him by shooting his Kabootar dead and has his friend, a corrupt Thanedar, Succha Singh, arrest Jaswant, take him to the Police Station and beat him up severely. When Succha finally lets go of Jaswant, Tarhu and his dad, Jhaildhara, are unhappy. One day Tarhu molests Laddhu and she slaps him. Subsequently he sexually molests and kills her. Jaswant finds out that Tarhu was behind her death and kills him. Succha arrests him and wants to kill him in a fake police encounter, but Jaswant manages to escape and joins a gang of bandits. Jaswant attacks Succha and blinds him in one eye, and then after he molests Shammu, Jaswant kills him. Shammu joins him and also becomes a bandit. The Police Force in the entire region is put under alert and are on the lookout for Jaswant, who has now made a name for himself as a modern day Robin Hood, and no one wants to inform the Police about his whereabouts. Things take a turn for the worst when Teju starts to impersonate Jaswant and begins to loot and beat people up, as well as Kishanchand intervenes and wants Jaswant to surrender or else he may be forced to hunt him down and possibly even kill him.

Cast: Daljit Kaur, Guggu Gill

Crew: Thakur Tapasvi (Director)

Genres: Action

Release Dates: 01 Jan 1997 (India)

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