Kaiji: Final Game (2020)

 ●  Japanese ● 2 hrs 8 mins

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After hosting the Olympic Games in Japan, the economy spirals down, the Inflation soars, public safety crumbles, and the federal government finds itself on the verge of insolvency leading the economy into one big underground labor camp. Kaiji is treated like dirt and he manages to get his hand on a legible salary as the situation fills him up with rage. He meets an underground camp lord Otsuki who made a name for himself by starting an illegal gambling ring as he invites Kaiji to take part in the "Tower of Babel," a game of luck where cash-flushed old tycoons give weak and destitute people like him a chance to become rich overnight.

Cast: Sota Fukushi, Tatsuya Fujiwara

Crew: Toya Sato (Director)

Rating: PG13 (Singapore)

Genres: Adventure

Release Dates: 10 Jan 2020 (Japan), 19 Mar 2020 (Malaysia), 05 Mar 2020 (Singapore)

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