Kakka Muttai (2015)

 ●  Tamil ● 1 hr 49 mins

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A story which revolves around children from a poor neighborhood, and their lives.
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Cast: Aishwarya Rajesh, J Vignesh, Ramesh Thilaganathan

Crew: Manikandan M (Director), Manikandan S (Director of Photography), GV Prakash Kumar (Music Director)

Rating: U (India)

Genres: Drama

Release Dates: 05 Jun 2015 (India)

Tamil Name: காக்கா முட்டை

Movie Rating
Based on 108 ratings
49 user 13 critic
Music Rating
Based on 92 ratings
49 user 13 critic
Did you know? The children who starred in the film were from the slums and the producer Dhanush sponsored their education for them. Read More
One of the best social commentaries of our times .

The economic divide is very real . There exists two worlds out there . There are the haves and there are have nots - their respective worlds are very different and seldom does the twain meet , as symbolized by the fence in the film between the rich boy and the slum kids . All interaction between the between them happens only through the fence . In both the worlds there is happiness, sorrow , love , exploitation and hidden agendas that manifest in their own ways . Prescriptions from one world for the other seldom work .

The effect of a Coca Cola bottle on a Kalahari tribe that was so amazingly depicted in the 1980s classic "Gods must be crazy " surely has a parallel in the Pizza that Kaaka Muttai uses as a social commentary symbol of the current times .

The attention to detail and the layers built in the film will guarantee that one will see something new in every repeat viewing of the film . This is what makes the film and the debut of M. Manikandan , a great one and not just a good one . Here is some prodigious talent which one hopes will give us many more beautiful films. The casting is perfect and the performances from each member of the cast is memorable . There are no contrived endings , no preachy prescriptions and the film concludes beautifully , each character in it seamlessly fulfilling the journeys dictated by their part .

This gem of a film would have easily been lost in the noise and din of the regular movie template and therefore one must hail efforts of the producers and Fox Star studios to have given this an appropriate path to fulfill its destiny . There surely must be many such talents hidden in the country and hopefully this may show the way for unearthing of many more so that Indian Cinema progresses beyond Bollywood !

Excellent Movie,Above the excellence

I would say this is the real faces of our poor neighborhood(we have to ban the word SLUM), What shown in Slumdog Millionaire is the dark side, which exists in Richdog Millionaire as well.But in Kakka Muttai Lots of positives in their lives .
Coming to the story Plot revolves around two children of our near by Poor Neighborhood but it shows how the politics and media have been using them for their profession. They cant live without them thats the true fact.

Well Done Director Sir...

KakkaMuttai - A 2'D'imensional thought process

Once upon a time there were 2 children from slum, who spend their spare time sorry the whole time ,sorry some time in one play field (according to their view it’s not just a play field but also a house of kaka who give them muttai every day ). And here comes another man who also has a same opinion like “china kakkamutai” and “periya kakka muttai”, but he differs little from them. Rather than considering this as a house of kaka, he predicted it as perfect field for business. So he started a pizza shop called “Pizza Spot”. It was inaugurated by simbu (for your info he came late by 5 min).These 2 muttai were attending the function, again sorry watching the function. Here comes an important action where simbu took that pizza and moved that towards his mouth and shows super sign in his hands. Those two little children were watching this moment from the window. Am totally confused, what they have watched. Did they watch their hero simbu??? Did they watch pizza?? Or did they watch the shop?? Or did they watch all??OMG! So much of confusion but one thing is clear, “THEY WANT TO EAT PIZZA”, that’s it.Ok fine then what triggered them to eat pizza??Is that” Vallu man” simbu?? Or the placement of the shop?? Or children want to taste that as they were never tasted it before? Or the place belongs to their kakas’ house? Or the place where the kitchen now was the place where they eat the muttai before?????? These questions will surely hit your corrupted mind. This is how the director has brilliantly and specifically self started the story.
why is 2d thought??
The main Story focus on the children and their desire to eat pizza, this is first dimension.
The second dimension concentrates on the society and the conflicts in our system. Even though the 1st dimension itself a sufficient stuff to portray the child feelings, then y director added the second dimension?. There he stands as a screenplay writer. This.This 2nd dimension made the movie real and strong. He used this 2d to move the script. Just like Newton’s third law, the behavior of the society prints the impacts on the children. He doesn't give us a message, he made us to think. Just am thinking of it, still thinks of it, will always think of it and the process of think will go on until the end but never step out for action because it will have some reaction. Any way watched a brilliant movie. Thought to write of it. That's it.Bye

*SPOILER*  Kaaka Muttai - The most relevant and meaningful film I had seen in recent times..

This is just my take on why I think so and trust me.. this is the shorter version of my take smile emoticon
The title "Kaaka Muttai" (Crow's Egg) as insignificant as it may sound in our daily lives isn't actually very different from a Chicken's Egg which takes so much importance in our lives by directly/indirectly being part of many things that we consume.. The director wants us to have a heart and think about the Crow's life in a nest and the Crow's egg and he just doesn't stop there with sympathy (or) empathy.. The screenplay is not about the plight of the Crows and their daily struggle to find bread.. Instead it is about the Crow's attitude, Crow's ability to continuously fly with energy and the Crow's ability to adapt to any circumstance life throws at it.. The two kids brilliantly portrayed in the movie take pride in calling themselves "Chinna Kaaka Muttai" (Small Crow's Egg) and "Periya Kaaka Muttai" (Big Crow's Egg).. The innocent kids who grow up stealing crow's eggs playfully and earn a daily wage by selling coal picked off railway tracks are heart broken at first to see the huge tree with the crow's nest getting cut down mercilessly.. The director conveys too many things in one single shot and that seems to be his strength throughout the movie... The tree that gets cut down looks several decades old and the brutal act happens after a land deal between greedy real estate brokers and investors gets done.. While the kids worry about where they would play and where the crows would go and live from there on, a pizza joint is constructed and opened !!! There is an optimistic twist in the tale.. one of their favorite stars is invited to the inauguration of the pizza joint and that's when the two Kaaka Muttais develop an urge to taste a slice of that Pizza.. probably the kids' way of trying to find out if the pizza is really worth all that they have lost.. They do seem to believe so at that point because their favorite star has now endorsed it.. As the movie progresses, this wafer thin plot of 2 kids wanting to taste pizza gets narrated with some brilliantly shot and entertaining sequences without compromising one bit on the realism which is where the director has shown his true creative genius.. to use a very shallow plot to portray some very deep stuff that prevail in our society.. The director touches upon everything from ruthless realtors, free television given to households that do not get rice regularly, middle-men living in slums who tend to make money out of any situation, media hunger to dramatize events where they lose the core, issues with class divide, politicians trying to take credit for random stuff and in doing so the director narrates all of it in the funniest way possible.. snatching a passenger's smartphone from a moving train while he was busy using it seated at the door-step, kids striking a deal with other wealthy kids who were not given money to buy panipuri in exchange for new dresses, using a toy car to get drunk guys back home safely, be-friend a railway laborer who eventually shows them where coal dump is stored safely in order to help them save more money towards the pizza, their granny trying to re-create a pizza-dosa at home merely by looking at the pizza pic in the flyer the kids gave her.. reality hits all of a sudden when their rail worker friend goes missing, the elder brother gets slapped by the guard at the pizza joint and their grandmother also dies on the same day.. pretty much the same way the tree, the nest and the crow's eggs were cut down and the play ground shut earlier.. the video of the guard slapping the kid gets recorded in that stolen smart phone and goes into the hands of middle-men who want to make some cash out of it.. they talk a deal with the owner of the pizza place while the video somehow is leaked to the PRESS as well.. the rest of the media hype happens exactly as we know it and see it these days.. there is an expert panel debating on the topic showing the clip multiple times and even the kids get to know about the viral news only later.. in fact there is a hilarious scene where a reporter doing on-the-spot coverage for the issue unknowingly asks the 2 kids to step aside and walk the other way because they were doing an important coverage.. the innocent kids are seen running from pillar to post without knowing why people are after them and their only fear seems to be as to how they would face their mother who did not know anything about the kids' plan to save money for pizza.. towards the end, the owner of the pizza place uses all his available options to get the police track the kids down and bring him to the pizza joint.. the kids make a red-carpet entry with full police escort, media persons gathered, trumpets blaring and the audience in the cinema hall screaming their guts out with whistles and a thunderous applause.. the owner greets the kids and lets them know that they could have free pizza at the store anytime they wished to.. the kids want their mom also to come-in but she refuses.. as periya kaaka muttai tastes the first slice, there is a confused expression on his face.. and he looks at his younger brother who pretty much shows the same expression.. when he asks his little brother "Is this really that good?", chinna kaaka muttai speaks out the dialog of the movie.. "No, Granny's Pizza-Dosa was much better" and that's life as the director saw it.. A perfect movie in every sense, all characters are so natural it is hard to spot if there was any cinematic element at all.. the music, the kids, the director "M.Manikandan".. well no words ! It is a must-watch in case you haven't seen it yet..

Super Movie

This one of the Best Movie in The Year......

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Music Label: Think Music

Music Director: GV Prakash Kumar
Lyricist: Na Muthukumar
Playback Singer: Sathya Prakash

Music Director: GV Prakash Kumar
Lyricist: La Rajkumar

Music Director: GV Prakash Kumar
Lyricist: Na Muthukumar
Playback Singer: GV Prakash Kumar

Music Director: GV Prakash Kumar
Lyricist: Na Muthukumar
Playback Singer: GV Prakash Kumar
The children who starred in the film were from the slums and the producer Dhanush sponsored their education for them.

A scene in the film shows two kids selling a stray dog. The scene was shot after telling the kids that the crew was running out of money. The kids sold the dog for real and it was shot.
Filming Start Date:
28 May 2013