Kanalkkattu (1991)

 ●  Malayalam ● 2 hrs 33 mins

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Embedded with upbeat comedy and fierce action, this fast-paced drama delves into the twists and turns in the life of Nathu Narayanan, a violent thug, who makes a living by strong-arming people. When an elderly man approaches him to help him forcefully evacuate his uncooperative tenant, he accepts for a fee. Despite his unfriendly attitude, Narayanan has a real soft-corner for his niece, Minnie Kutti, and spoils with many gifts and toys. When some corrupt building contractors have trouble getting quality clearance from an honest government inspector, an engineer whose duty it is to ensure the quality of buildings, they try to find some weakness in the inspector, so that they can bribe him. When they find him to be scrupulously honest and ethical, they employ Narayanan to get rid of him. After the deed, when Narayanan realises that the safety inspector had a young wife and child, and that too, he is personally acquainted with Asha, his widow, will it lead to a change in heart for Narayanan? How will the police investigation into the safety inspector's death unfold? Will Narayanan be willing to face the consequences of his misdeeds and become instrumental in bringing the real culprits to justice?

Cast: Jayaram Subramaniam, Mammootty, Urvashi

Crew: Sathyan Anthikad (Director), Vipin Mohan (Director of Photography), Johnson Master (Music Director)

Genres: Action, Drama

Release Dates: 04 Jul 1991 (India)

Malayalam Name: കനല്ക്കട്ടു

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