Kasappum Inippum (1983)

 ●  Tamil ● 2 hrs 20 mins

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This socially relevant woman-centric drama delves into the struggles faced by vulnerable women in Indian society, through the example of Menaka, a beautiful young woman with her younger sister to support. She falls in love, gets married and becomes pregnant. However, her husband starts associating with the wrong crowd, becomes an alcoholic, and when he finds Menaka interacting with a mutual friend, becomes suspicious. As a consequence, he gets into a murderous rage and kills the friend. Despite accepting his mistake and pleading with the judge that he never meant to commit any crime, but that it was done in an alcohol-induced fury, the judge sentences him to 10 years imprisonment. Menaka is forced onto the streets in her pregnant condition, along with Radha, her much-younger sister. How will Menaka deal with the dangers of being stranded alone with two mouths to feed? What kind of ignominy and exploitation must she face to survive in our callous and materialistic society? Will she succeed in finding a respectable way to care for her family or will she be forced to adopt demeaning methods to keep her family afloat? How will her younger sister, Radha's future unfold? Will her husband return to save Menaka and her family?

Cast: Krishna Rao, Sri Kamu

Crew: CR Devaraj (Director)

Rating: A (India)

Genres: Drama, Family

Release Dates: 01 Jan 1983 (India)

Tamil Name: கசப்பும் இனிப்பும்

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