Kashmir Kathali (1983)

 ●  Tamil ● Running Time: TBA

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Born into a privileged, Royal family with a vast inheritance, Raja is a lucky man, who is blessed with the love and protection of his parents. When they find out that Anand, a close associate has fallen in love with a girl while on travel in Kashmir, and decided to marry her, Raja and his mother decide to travel to Kashmir, in order to try and dissuade him from marrying outside his community. In the meantime, Raja's uncle, his mother's younger brother is consumed with jealousy and hatred, that Raja is being bestowed with control over all the wealth, property and businesses of the family and threatens his life. With this threat to his life lingering in the background, Raja travels to Kashmir with his mother and finds himself falling madly in love at first sight, with a beautiful, enigmatic young woman. Upon investigation, it is revealed that her name is Radha, and she has it difficult and painful background. Due to being deeply hurt and betrayed in her previous relationship, Radha has no intention of accepting Raja's proposal. What ingenious methods will Raja employ to win Radha's love? How will he escape the numerous attempts on his life that are perpetrated by his uncle? Will Raja's actions and relationship with Radha be accepted by his conservative family?

Cast: Rajani Sharma

Crew: Mathi Oli Shanmugam (Director), GK Venkatesh (Music Director)

Genres: Action, Drama, Family, Romance

Release Dates: 06 Sep 1983 (India)

Tamil Name: காஷ்மீர் காதலி

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