Khalsa (1999)

 ●  Punjabi ● 2 hrs 12 mins

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The film Khalsa is a cinematic revival of the actual Khalsa history for the first time, in the entire history of cinema. Mangal Singh Dhillon made this film after doing research for 6-7 years and with the formal approval of SGPC. If you are a Sikh and want to get back to your roots then you must watch this historical film. This film is a humble tribute to all the Guru Sahibaan and all those great Sikh martyrs, who selflessly laid down their lives for the principals of Sikhism and to protect the self-respect of humanity. Another important purpose of making this film is to project our glorious past and unusual history in front of the entire world in the right perspective, so that all Sikhs get the honor and respect due to them from all over the world, which they rightly deserve from the very beginning of their faith. This type of film is made for the first time, due to various reasons, like historical contradictions, fear of controversies and some other non-commercial aspects. Mangal Singh Dhillon has done 175 special screenings of this film all over Punjab, England, USA and Canada in most of the prominent Gurudwaras, School Grounds, Stadiums and auditoriums with out charging for any kind of tickets. This film briefly covers the entire life span of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji, including all the defensive battles Guru Sahib had to fight against the treacherous hill kings and the tyrant Mogul rulers of those times.

Genres: Action, History

Release Dates: 14 Apr 1999 (India)

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