Khandan (1965)

 ●  Hindi ● 2 hrs 47 mins

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After the passing of Ramswaroop Lal, his two sons, Jeevandas and Shankar take over the control of their farmland. Jeevandas marries Bhagvanti and has no children, while Shankar marries Parvati and has two sons, Govind and Shyam. Due to an accident with an electric pole, Govind's right side gets paralyzed. Years later, Shyam has gone for further studies to the big city, while the only relatives of Bhagvanti, Navrangi Lal and his sister, Neelima, have moved in with the Lal family. When Shyam returns, he falls in love with Neelima, and then begin a series of misunderstandings and disagreements which result in the house being divided in two - with Jeevandas, Bhagvanti, Shyam, Navrangi, and Neelima on one side, and Govind, his wife, Radha, Shankar, and Parvati on the other. Navrangi borrows money from Bhagvanti and invests it in a Carnival, however, most of his earnings are stolen by two dancers, Jati and Sati. He then borrows more money, this time from Shyam, and purchases an elephant. Govind and Radha rejoice when they give birth to normal son, Navjeevandas Lal. Weeks later, Navrangi plans a novel move with his carnival, that is to have the elephant throw a child from it's trunk - and the child he plans to use is none other than Govind's son. Watch what impact this has on the entire family when they find out that Navjeevandas has been abducted.

Cast: Nutan Samarth, Sunil Dutt

Crew: A Bhimsingh (Director), V Babasaheb (Director of Photography), Ravi Shankar Sharma (Music Director)

Rating: U (India)

Genres: Drama, Family, Musical

Release Dates: 05 May 1965 (India)

Hindi Name: खानदान

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Did you know? The film is a remake of director A. Bhimsingh's own Tamil film Bhaaga Pirivinai (1959). Read More
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as Radha
as Govind S. Lal
as Sati
as Bhagvanti J. Lal
Supporting Actor
as Manmauji
as Neelima Shyam. Lal
as Jeevandas Ramswaroop Lal
as Navrangi Lal
as Parvati Shankar. Lal




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Black & White
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24 fps
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Movie Connection(s):
Remade as: Nirakudam (Malayalam)
Remake of: Bhagapirivinai (Tamil)
Remake of: Kalasivunte Kaladu Sukham (Telugu)
The film is a remake of director A. Bhimsingh's own Tamil film Bhaaga Pirivinai (1959).

The music by Ravi won him the Filmfare Award for Best Music Director.