Khoka 420 (2013)

 ●  Bengali ● 2 hrs 0 mins

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Krish is the son of a rich man. Krish has a love interest in Megha. Megha also loves Krish a.k.a Krishna. Their relationship goes fine until Megha meets Bhoomi and they become best friends. Bhoomi tells her best friend Megha about her rowdy and tough cousin who her family wants her to get married to but she does not want to marry. Megha gets worried about her friend and tells the problem to her boyfriend, Krish. Megha makes Bhoomi meet Krish and tells Krish to act as if Krish is Bhoomi's boyfriend and let Bhoomi's family know that Bhoomi is in a relationship with Krish. Krish does not agree at first but later agrees to help out Bhoomi. In the meantime, Bhoomi falls in love with Krish in reality. Krish also gets close to Bhoomi. Later, one day Krish gets to know that Megha and Bhoomi's fathers are step-brothers and they have a family rivalry between them from ages. Krish meets the two brother's grandfather and gets to know why they have the rivalry and also gets to know that the grandfather wants them to be together again. The grandfather gives the responsibility to Krish to get the two families together again and if he is successful he will get Megha or Bhoomi- whoever he loves. Krish falls in a big problem as he is not interested in all this family rivalry. But later he decides to get the family together. In the meantime, Megha gets the wrong idea that Krish and Bhoomi is cheating her and Krish is in love with Bhoomi and not her. Megha is devastated and she insults Bhoomi badly. Bhoomi in rage tells her that Krish is only hers and Megha will never be able to get her. Megha's rage increases on these words and she challenges Bhoomi that she will get Krish. Late she also gets to know Bhoomi is her step-cousin because of their fathers. When Krish gets to know about all this, Krish gets totally confused on everything and fails to understand who he actually loves. Through all this misunderstanding, Krish manages to get the family together again. At last, when the two brothers get together both wants Krish to marry their respective daughters. The two brothers assures Krish that he will get the hand of whoever he wants to marry. But Krish gets totally confused between Bhoomi and Megha. He runs to the temple of the village and asks Lord Krishna for help when Lord Krishna comes out of his idol and gives Krish his divine flute and tells him to just go on and that he was in the same state as he was in. He was also confused between Meera and Radha and he did not marry anyone. Krish takes the flute and he does not come back to Bhoomi or Megha and leaves the village forever.
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as Bhoomi
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as Bhoomi's Father
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Dubbed into: Mere Ustas 420 (Hindi)