Kick II (2015)

 ●  Telugu ● 2 hrs 41 mins

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A wealthy and spoiled young man seeks luxury and comfort in every moment of his life. Where will his obsession lead him in life? What role does Vilaspur village and its people play in his life? Will his desire for comfort me more to him than the love and loyalty of people?
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Cast: Rakul Preet Singh, Ravi Teja

Crew: Surender Reddy (Director), Manoj Paramahamsa (Director of Photography), S Thaman (Music Director)

Rating: U/A (India)

Genres: Action, Comedy, Romance

Release Dates: 21 Aug 2015 (India)

Telugu Name: కిక్ II

Movie Rating
Based on 17 ratings
6 user 12 critic
Music Rating
Based on 91 ratings
6 user 12 critic
Did you know? An entire Rajasthani village set was constructed on the outskirts of Hyderabad for this film, where each day of filming cost up to Rs 20 lakhs. Read More

This film will be block buster...

Nice movie. Must watch

Your ‘comfort’ depends on your love for mass masala.

Robin Hood(Ravi Teja) is a doctor who comes to India to solve his land disputes. There, he meets Chaitra(Rakul Preet) and falls in love with her. One fine day, Chaitra is suddenly kidnapped by some goons and Robin Hood is left helpless.
As time passes by, Robin Hood finds out that Chaitra is kept hostage in her native village called Vikaspur. He decides to take things in his hand and heads to her village to save her.
Twist in the tale arises when he crosses path with Suleman Singh Thakhur( Ravi Kishan) who is troubling the villagers with his vicious activities. Rest of the story is as to how Robin Hood saves the villagers from the evil clutches of Suleman Thakur and also wins his love.
Plus Points:-
Undoubtedly, Ravi Teja is the biggest asset of the film. Right from the word go, it is his strong screen presence that holds the film together. The mass Maharaja is quite hilarious during the first half and gives a balanced and emotional performance in the second.
Rakul Preet gets a meaty role and suits perfectly in both the village and modern avatars. Her chemistry with Ravi Teja is crackling and lights up the screen. First half of the film is quite entertaining and has all the elements which are expected of a typical Ravi Teja film. Brahmanandam’s track with Ravi Teja and their comedy episodes evoke superb laughs.
Yet another major plus point of the film is Thaman’s thumping background score which elevates the film to another level. Second half of the film gets high on emotions. The film takes a new dimension post interval and the last twenty minutes have superb mass elements. Ravi Kishan is fearsome as the main villain and does a pretty decent job.
Minus Points:-
Even though the film is high on emotions, the second half lacks basic entertainment. Audience who come in with certain expectations associated with comedy in the Kick franchise might get slightly disappointed. The first fifteen minutes post interval is boring and stretch the film unnecessarily.
Yet another major drawback of the film is the predictable nature of the script. There are no twists and turns where you tend to get surprised with the proceedings. Ravi Teja looks way too slim in certain scenes.
Kick 2 moves on a single thread and does not give much scope for comedy in the second half. Length of the film is a tad too long as many scenes could have been easily edited.
Technical Aspects:-
Surender Reddy’s films have always been high on technical values and Kick 2 does not fall short of its expectations. Camera work is stunning as the rustic villages have been showcased in a superb manner. All the locations chosen look natural and bring a specific flavor to the film. Editing is below average as many scenes could have been removed to make the film crisp.
Dialogues are pretty good and suit Ravi Teja’s body language well. Thaman’s music is superb as all the songs have been shot exceptionally well. Screenplay is a bit predictable but catches pace during the end. Kick 2 looks quite grand and credit should go to producer Kalyan Ram for not compromising on the production values of the film.
Coming to the director Surender Reddy, he had a huge responsibility of repeating the Kick magic which he manages to an extent. This time around, he gives due importance to emotions and deals the film on a serious note.

Not at all up to the mark. Kick 1 lo unna aa "KICK" Kick 2 lo miss aiyindi.

Kick 1 toh polchi chooste Kick 2 nowhere anipistundi. (Nenu movie choosanu and idi naa personal opinion). Kick 1 lo movie beginning nunchi ending daaka full comedy and oka saamajika spruha kaliginchelaaga untundi. Kaani Kick 2 lo first part lo unna "Kick" miss aiyindi anipistondi. Second part lo comedy ok. Konni chotla, I mean Posani Krishna Murali garu, Kovai Sarala garu, Brahmanandam garu, Ashish Vidyarthi gari madhya unna comedy track most disgusting anipistundi.

Surender Reddy garu Kick 1, Racegurram laanti cinemaalu teesi prekshakulanu alarinchaaru kaani Kick 2 lo maatram fail ayyaru ani anipistondi.

Ee madhya cinemallo Ravi Teja garu story ki compromise ayyi cinema chestunnaaremo anipistondi. Gatam lo enno manchi cinemalu chesaaru aayana: Amma nanna Tamil ammayi, Vaallu iddaru ishta paddaru, Itlu Sravani Subramanyam, Bhadra, Venky, Naa autograph etc. Andariki baaga nachaayi kuda.

Brahmanandam garu and Ravi Teja gari madhya jarige comedy baaguntundi kada ane expectation toh cinema choosanu, but sorry to say cinema is not at all up to the mark.

Very nice of punch and dilog delivery

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Sound Mix:
Dolby Atmos
Frame Rate:
24 fps
Aspect Ratio:
2.35:1, 2.39:1 (Scope)
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Music Label: Junglee Music

Music Director: S Thaman
Playback Singer: Bombay Bhole

Music Director: S Thaman
Playback Singer: S Thaman, Jonita Gandhi

Music Director: S Thaman

Music Director: S Thaman
Playback Singer: MM Manasi

Music Director: S Thaman
Playback Singer: Rahul Nambiar

Music Director: S Thaman
This movie is a sequel to Kick (2009).

An entire Rajasthani village set was constructed on the outskirts of Hyderabad for this film, where each day of filming cost up to Rs 20 lakhs.
Filming Start Date:
20 Aug 2014