Kill Bill: Vol. 2 (2004)

 ●  English ● 2 hrs 17 mins

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Directed by Quentin Tarantino, this sequel follows the Bride, who continues her quest of vengeance against her former boss and lover Bill, the reclusive bouncer Budd and the treacherous, one-eyed Elle.
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Cast: Uma Thurman, Vivica A Fox

Crew: Quentin Tarantino (Director), Robert Richardson (Director of Photography), Robert Rodriguez (Music Director)

Genres: Action, Crime, Thriller

Release Dates: 20 Aug 2004 (India)

Tagline: Revenge is a dish best served cold.

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Did you know? Pai Mei punching through a wooden plank, leaving a round hole as opposed to "regular" wood splinters, may be a reference to this ability, attributed to several martial arts masters - among them Masusatsu Oyama (founder of the Kyokushin school of karate) who, in martial arts folklore, is said to have punched such a hole in an oak door to grab the wrist of a burglar trying to enter his house Read More
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as Beatrix Kiddo
as Vernita Green
as Boss Ozawah
as Nikki
as Reverend Harmony
as Janeen
as Johnny
as Gogo
as Tommy Plympton
as Clarita
as Ernie
as Elle Driver
as Bill
as Boss Honda
as Karen
as Edgar McGraw
as Harmony
as Trucker
as Sofie Fatale
as Boss Tanaka
as Boss Koji
as Bald Guy
as Larry Gomez
as Rocket
as O-Ren Ishii
as Buck
as Budd
as Esteban Vihaio
as Lucky
as Charlie Brown
as Rufus
as Boss Benta
as Jay
as Hattori Hanzo
as Joleen
as Tim
as Melanie Harrhouse
as Soda Jerk
as Yoshiyuki Morishita
as Proprietor


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Cantonese, Mandarin, Spanish
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Dolby Digital, DTS
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24 fps
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1.33:1, 2.35:1, 2.39:1 (Scope)
Revenge is a dish best served cold.
The bride is back for the final cut
This Spring, It's Not Over Til It's Over
Kill is love.
On April 16th...The Quest for Revenge Continues...
Back With A Vengeance
Here comes the bride.
She will kill Bill
Kill Bill Now
The whole thrilling tale is revealed.
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Followed by: Kill Bill: Vol. 3 (English)
Follows: Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (English)
Revealing Mistakes
When the Bride is being buried alive, several times a faint reflection can be seen from the head of her flashlight, despite being six feet underground.

Revealing Mistakes
During the fight between Elle Driver and the Bride, the eye patch moves and you can see the reflection of the "missing" eye beneath it.

Revealing Mistakes
When The Bride is trying to drown Elle in the toilet, you can clearly see the plexiglass in front of the camera (scratches are visible on the sides).

Revealing Mistakes
When Budd is preparing to bury the Bride alive, he dumps a big piece of plywood onto the coffin and nails it down, but plywood is impossible to punch through, so when the Bride goes to punch her way out of the coffin, it's now made of slats, conveniently arranged so that the grain works with her.

Revealing Mistakes
While Budd is dying and Elle is reading from her notebook, the notebook is shown. The bottom of one page is the phrase "from a single bite", however when she reads this page, she has to flip to another page to read this line.

Crew/Equipment Visible
When Budd is confronted by his boss Larry, the boom mic is reflected in Larry's sunglasses.

Character Error
At the wedding rehearsal, the minister's gestures for the seating arrangements are incorrect.

When The Bride is stuck in the coffin, and starts punching it, the first two times you can see cracks all around the place she hit, then when it comes back for the third and fourth times, all the cracks are gone.

During Elle and the Bride's fight scene (in Budd's trailer), the Bride throws a can of tobacco spit in Elle's face. After Elle says "Gross", the spit is not on her face when the camera returns to Elle.

In Budd's camper, Budd prepares Margaritas for himself and Elle. His prep and pouring are very sloppy and we see the mix splashing all on the cutting board as he pours it into the glasses. Then, as we view him coming around the counter to serve Elle her drink, the cutting board is clean and appears dry.

During the fight between the Bride and Elle Driver, Elle's boots change from Stiletto heels to normal heels. In the beginning of the fight Elle drives her stiletto heel into the Bride's foot. Later on, while they are fighting in the bathroom, you can clearly see Elle's boot with a different, western boot style heel.

When the bride is stuck in coffin, she hits hard it and her hand gets bloody. In the next scene in the café her hands are clean.

When The Bride is outside Budd's trailer, she is wearing a tan leather jacket and it is zipped, when she opens the trailer door, there is no jacket. In the next shot, she is wearing an unzipped jacket. When she is on the ground and in the coffin, there is no jacket.

The bride's hair is longer in the "next morning" scene in the hotel room than it was the night before at Bill's.

Esteban Vihaio places his glasses on his book with the temples unfolded. In subsequent shots, the glasses appear folded and finally unfolded again.

When the Bride rips off the antenna from the TV in the trailer, a bottle of "Black Death Icelandic Schnapps" falls down. In the next scene, the bottle is standing on the TV again.

About a minute into the Bride/Elle Driver trailer fight scene, Elle sends the Bride tumbling into a wooden rocking chair, thus knocking over a coffee can containing expelled dipping tobacco fluid. When she recovers, the can has somehow been righted and is ready for the Bride to grab and empty in Elle's face.

At the end of the fight scene when Elle Driver retrieves the Hanzo sword from down the passageway, she throws off the sheath of the sword, hitting the ceiling lamp behind her and knocking the light out. In the next shot, the light is back on and the lamp is hanging perfectly still.

When Budd and Elle are in the trailer talking, Budd pours only a little margarita in each glass, spilling a large amount on the table. Each glass can be seen less than half full. When he walks towards Elle and hands her a glass, both glass are more than half full. Each glass is obviously more full than in the previous scene.

When the chapter "Elle and I" starts, we see Elle pass a truck as she drives by. Behind the truck, we see another car coming. However, if you look to the right in the next shot, we see the car never passes by.

As Elle calls Budd, you can see her holding a cigarette with her right hand and holding her cell phone with her left. When the camera cuts back to Elle within a second, the positions of the objects she is holding completely switches sides.

When BB fell asleep after watching Shogun with Mommy, Bea covers BB fully with her blanket, and puts BB's doll fully under the blanket, in the next scene we see the doll outside of the blanket. Also in the wider angle scene which Bea about to leave the room, we see BB's blanket is not fully covering her but over her belly.

When Beatrix is on the patio, after being "shot" by her daughter, she is sitting on the ground hugging her, the sword on her back disappears and reappears numerous times between shots.

When Elle drives up to Budd's trailer, she parks pretty close to and at a 45 degree angle to the trailer. When they show the scene later from Bea's point-of-view, Elle now parks the car father away and at a 90 degree angle to the trailer.

At the beginning of the talk between Beatrix and Esteban Vihaio there is a glass of brandy on the table in front of him, between the lighter and the book. Next time the table is visible the glass is missing.

Budd shot Bea with a load of rock salt in the chest, and blew a hole in her clothes and chest and bloodied her clothes and chest. By the time Bea made it back to the trailer, the blood and mess were gone and no wound existed in her chest.

Crew/Equipment Visible
The extreme close-up of the bride's face as she looks down upon Budd's trailer shows the reflection of the cameraman in her eyes.

Errors in Geography
Outside the "little chapel in El Paso" at the Bride's wedding, there can clearly be seen a Joshua Tree. There are no Joshua Trees in Texas.
The Bride never actually says anything to Budd.

The brothel segment where the Bride meets with Esteban Vihaio (Michael Parks) was the very last scene of the movie to be shot, which was filmed at an actual Mexican brothel and all of the female extras were actual prostitutes that worked at the brothel.

Pai Mei's three inch punch is a reference to Bruce Lee's three inch knockout punch.

Quentin Tarantino originally intended to only have Pai Mei's lips speaking Cantonese, while his voice would be in English, imitating a bad dub job. Tarantino was going to provide the voice himself. In the end, Tarantino abandoned this idea and Pai Mei (Chia-Hui Liu) speaks in his own voice.

Quentin Tarantino has the "Pussy Wagon" parked in the driveway of his home.

Robert Rodriguez scored this movie for $1. Quentin Tarantino said he would repay him by directing a segment of Rodriguez's project Sin City (2005) for $1.

Wait after the credits for an alternate take of The Bride ripping out one of the Crazy 88's eyes.

This movie reveals that 3 of the 6 members of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad are not named after any species of Viper. Bill is Snake Charmer. The Black Mamba (appropriately the most dangerous of all land snakes) is of the Elapidae family. Elle's codename is California Mountain King Snake, a completely non-venomous constrictor. It is famous for its ability to eat other snakes, particularly rattlesnakes like the Sidewinder (Bud's Codename).

When the first grade teacher (Venessia Valentino) takes roll, she calls out one real-life name: Marty Kitrosser. Martin Kitrosser has served as script supervisor on all of Tarantino's films.

Although Quentin Tarantino is known for never using real brands for products like cereals and cigarettes, the brand of the bread he uses to make the sandwich during the "Emilio's killing story" scene, BIMBO, is a real and very popular brand of bread in Mexico.

The Character Pai Mei is based on Pak Mei, the originator of the "White Eyebrow" kung fu technique. According to legend, Pak Mei was one of the few masters left following the decimation of the Buddhist temples, and later sold out other masters to save himself and his team during an attack they had mounted that subsequently went wrong. For this reason, Pak Mei Kung Fu has always been known as the "forbidden technique," and Pak Mei himself has been a villainous figure in Chinese folklore and film for hundreds of years.

In the scene where Uma Thurman is being buried alive, the master shot has the pickup's headlights illuminating the graveyard. On the right of the screen, the exhumed body's gnarled hand casts a bunny-shaped shadow on its coffin.

The reason that The Bride no longer has the "Pussy Wagon" in Vol. 2 is because in the original script that included the character of Yuki Yubari, Go-Go's sister, Yuki had destroyed it soon after the killing of Vernita Green.

Although "Kill Bill" was meant to play as one whole movie, "Vol. 2" is unofficially Quentin Tarantino's first sequel.

Bill's speech about Superman was in part inspired by "The Great Comic Book Heroes" a book by Jules Feiffer.

The chapter "Yuki's Revenge" was cut from filming to accommodate a new chapter, "Massacre at Two Pines" that details the attack on The Bride. An outline of the chapter was to have Yuki Yubari, Gogo's sister seek vengeance on the Bride for killing her sister, Yuki was to be played by Ko Shibasaki who co-stared with Chiaki Kuriyama (who plays Gogo in Vol.1) in the Japanese movie Battle Royale (2000).

From script to film, the Ten-Point Palm exploding heart technique is changed to the Five-Point Palm exploding heart technique.

At the film's first test screening in Austin, Texas the audience gave the film a five minute standing ovation. The reaction was so overwhelming that Harvey Weinstein did not have the research firm conducting the screening pass out response cards.

The book that Esteban Vihaio (Michael Parks) reads is "The Carrucans of Kurrajong" by Jasmine Yuen. Jasmine Yuen Carrucan is one of the crew members.

Pai Mei punching through a wooden plank, leaving a round hole as opposed to "regular" wood splinters, may be a reference to this ability, attributed to several martial arts masters - among them Masusatsu Oyama (founder of the Kyokushin school of karate) who, in martial arts folklore, is said to have punched such a hole in an oak door to grab the wrist of a burglar trying to enter his house

Ricardo Montalban was cast to play Esteban. Unable to make an early read through of the script, his lines were read by Michael Parks, who impressed Tarantino so much that he recast Parks instead.

Was the first Oscar DVD to arrive in Academy mailboxes in 2004. It ironically received no Academy Award nominations.

During the scene in which Bill shoots the bride with truth serum and then interrogates her, he calls her a "natural born killer" and also a "renegade killer bee," which references projects of the Wu-Tang Clan a member of which (RZA) wrote much of the original music for the two films.

The car seen behind Bill when he visits Budd at his trailer is a De Tomaso Mangusta, an Italian concept car put into limited production by De Tomaso. Later De Tomaso developed a related vehicle, the Pantera, which was sold through Lincoln-Mercury dealerships in the late 1960s. Because of its speed, agility, timing, and thick coat, the mangusta (Italian for mongoose) is the only animal capable of killing a cobra in a straight fight.

Despite the Bride's name being bleeped out in Vol. 1 and for 2/3rds of Vol. 2. Her name is actually spoken or revealed on more than one occasion. When someone calls her Beatrix and it's bleeped, it is simply muffled and is still audible and if you're good at reading lips you may be able to figure it out. Also, Bill refers to The Bride as "Kiddo" in the flash back scenes. While this is both his pet name for her and a common term of endearment, it is also her last name.

Also changed from the original script - the story of Pai Mei is no longer told in a Jeep on the way to the cruel master's temple. Rather, it is now unfolded in front of a campfire somewhere in the Chinese countryside, the night before Bill and The Bride arrive. With the aid of a flute (one of the silent flutes from Circle of Iron (1978)), Bill tells the tale of Pai Mei in a "Peter and The Wolf" type fashion.

Choreographer Woo-ping Yuen was originally set to play Pai Mei but could not fit it in with his choreography, so Quentin Tarantino considered playing it himself for a little while before picking Chia-Hui Liu for the part.

Michael Jai White filmed several scenes in Volume Two with David Carradine, but these were cut from the final theatrical version due to pacing concerns. A lengthy confrontation between the two is the one and only deleted scene on the Vol. 2 DVD.