Kilukkampetti (1991)

 ●  Malayalam ● 2 hrs 5 mins

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Embedded with hilarious comedy and charged emotions, this authentic relationship drama revolves around Prakash Menon (Jayaram), a successful architect based in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. His company's Kochi branch was not performing up to expectations, and so the company decided to relocate him to Kochi to boost performance. He was supposed to replace his equivalent in Kochi named Anu Pillai (Suchitra Krishnamoorthi). Anu Pillai is not happy about the company's decision since she does not want to move out of Kochi and she refuses to accept the transfer. Prakash in turn comes to Kochi, understands the office situation and decides to talk to Anu Pillai in person. Anu Pillai is living with Chikkumol (Baby Shamili), her 8 year old daughter. She is very naughty and Anu Pillai is not able to get a caretaker for her as no caretaker is able to handle her mischief. Prakash Menon meanwhile falls in love with Anu after seeing her in a shopping mall. He finds from his friend Mukundan that Anu is in search of a caretaker. Prakash Menon reaches Anu Pillai's home and takes up the job under the name of Vasudevan with the intention of getting her to love him. What follows is some funny situations where Prakash has to take care of Chikkumol, cook for the family, and also hide himself from those at his office. Eventually Anu goes to Prakash Menon's house to request him not to take charge in Cochin, and on seeing him understands that he had tricked her. But Prakash resigns from his job and appears to have gone back to Trivandrum. Anu also starts to understand his love and feels sad. Will there be any way for Prakash and Anu to start afresh?

Cast: Jayaram Subramaniam, Suchitra Krishnamoorthi

Crew: Shaji Kailas (Director), Ravi K Chandran (Director of Photography), S Balakrishnan (Music Director)

Genres: Comedy, Drama

Release Dates: 01 Jan 1991 (India)

Malayalam Name: കിലുക്കാംപെട്ടി

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as Prakash Menon
as Anu Pillai
as Mukundan
as Saramma




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