Kireedam (1989)

 ●  Malayalam ● 2 hrs 20 mins

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This realistic social drama delves into the life of Achuthan Nair (Thilakan), an honest police constable, and his loving family, consisting of his wife Ammu (Kaviyoor Ponnamma), two sons and two daughters. Achuthan Nair wants his elder son Sethumadhavan (Mohanlal) to become a police inspector. He shares a cordial and amiable relation with his son. Sethu is engaged to Devi (Parvathi), the daughter of Krishnan Nair (Sankaradi), his maternal uncle. One day, for charging a petty case against the son of a Member of Legislative Assembly, Achuthan Nair is transferred to Ramapuram police station. The family also shifts to Ramapuram. Keerikadan Jose (Mohan Raj), a hardcore criminal, rules the market of Ramapuram by extorting money from all traders. One day, Achuthan Nair tries to intervene in a scuffle and he is beaten brutally by Keerikadan. Sethu, who was in the market, witnesses it and saves his father by attacking Keerikadan and his goons. Keerikadan gets severely wounded and is admitted in hospital. The entire market celebrates the fall of Keerikadan and finds a new savior in Sethu. His friends misuse this opportunity by creating a brawl in the local pub. Achuthan Nair is deeply disturbed by this and accuses Sethu of slowly turning into a criminal. Despite all his efforts to stay away from crime and violence, gradually Sethu finds himself dragged into issues only to get targeted by various criminal elements. Having been labelled by society as a 'violent criminal', will Sethu ever succeed in returning to a happy and peaceful family life?
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Cast: Mohanlal, Parvathy Jayaram

Crew: Sibi Malayil (Director), S Kumar (Director of Photography), Johnson Master (Music Director)

Rating: A (India)

Genres: Action, Crime, Drama

Release Dates: 07 Jul 1989 (India)

Tagline: The Crown

Malayalam Name: കിരീടം

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Did you know? Mohanlal won the 1989 National Film Award-Special Jury Award "for portraying young man's agony and pain marvellously and in unique style". Read More
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24 fps
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2.39:1 (Scope)
The Crown
Movie Connection(s):
Remade as: Kireedam (Tamil)
Remade as: Gardish (Hindi)
Remade as: Rowdyism Nasinchali (Telugu)
Remade as: Modada Mareyalli (Kannada)
Followed by: Chenkol (Malayalam)
In the beginning of this movie and for sometime Achuthan (Thilakan) jokingly and out of love calls his son Sethu (Mohanlal) a 'themmadi' (rowdy). Later on, interestingly this is what Sethu actually becomes even though Achuthan would not have really meant it when he called Sethu so.

While Achuthan prepared Sethu physically and intellectually capable for the job of a police, Sethu was not emotionally prepared. This is what actually turned undesired events upon Sethu's life. Evidence for this argument can be seen where Sethu shows his bewilderment on seeing his father and an SI catch a local thief and beat him.

After the phenomenal success of this movie, it was remade into four other Indian films; the Telugu film Rowdyism Nasinchali (1990), the Kannada film Modadha Mareyalli (1991), the Hindi film Gardish (1993), and the Tamil film of the same name (2007).

A sequel to this film was released in 1993 titled Chenkol (English: The Sceptre).

Mohanlal won the 1989 National Film Award-Special Jury Award "for portraying young man's agony and pain marvellously and in unique style".

Lohithadas won the Kerala Film Critics Award for Best Screenplay for this movie.