Long Way Home (2019)

 ●  Portuguese ● 1 hr 53 mins

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Juliana moves from her hometown to the bigger city of Contagem in Brazil to work for the public health program that aims to eradicate dengue fever. She waits for her husband to join her while starting to make new friends and gain new life experiences where she goes to homes and checks for mosquito hiding places and help the community. 'Long Way Home' focuses on her internal journey and personal revolution as she gains a new life for herself but also deals with losing her husband who is staying back in the homelands and whose presence in her life is starting to fade.

Cast: Grace Passo, Russo Apr

Crew: Andre Novais Oliveira (Director)

Genres: Drama

Release Dates: 17 Jan 2019 (Brazil)

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as Juliana
as Russao
as Lucia


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