Made in Vizag (2013)

 ●  Telugu ● 2 hrs 7 mins

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A stylish girl from Hyderabad meets a young boy in Vizag. The girl asks him for help in finding an address where she finds a locked door. Accidentally they both meet again and then the boy keeps her company as she is new to his city. When he inquires into the purpose of her visit, she tells him that she is in Vizag to reject a marriage proposal from a boy whose address she was looking for. Spending the whole day together, the youngsters develop a sense of companionship. They begin to share personal details about each other including titbits about their past romances. In the course of their conversation, an argument develops on whose native city is better. Few other characters at Vizag make situation worse for the girl which only serves to increase her distaste of the city. Homesick, lonely and disillusioned, the girl then decides to go back to her hometown Hyderabad in the evening. Then comes a sweet twist in the story...

Cast: Nikitha Narayan, Yashwin

Crew: Kanmani (Director), Dharma Teja (Music Director)

Rating: U (India)

Genres: Romance

Release Dates: 20 Jul 2013 (India)

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24 fps
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Remake of: Mumbai Pune Mumbai (Marathi)