Magick All Around! (2009)

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Wicca is a modernization of ancient spiritual and witchcraft related practices from England and elsewhere. Wicca as a religion and way of life has gained tremendous influence the world over, most notably in the United States. Through television shows and a smorgasbord of novels its been picked by the mainstream media. Much like any 'popular' practice or study or interest, Wicca has been afflicted with a fair share of stereotypes. Many of these myths about Wicca spring from a deep seated and universal fear of witches and other 'supernatural' forces. Some common myths about witches involve 'devil-worship' or 'animal-sacrifice'. While possibly prevalent in some esoteric traditions, these practices are completely alien to Wicca. The objective or goal of the film is to demystify Wicca as not merely a religion but as a way of life. Instead of focusing on several different Wiccans (i.e. practitioners), the film explores the experiences of two women. One a traditional Gardnerian witch and the other a young, solitary witch. These two examples cover the spectrum of what Wicca has come to be. Intercut with a ritual, the two women reflect on various aspects of Wicca and their affiliation with it leading to an inevitable demystification of the practice. The film presents their point of view and gives them a pedestal to reflect upon and clear some of the many misconceptions that have come to characterize their way of life.
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