Magroor (1950)

 ●  Hindi ● Running Time: TBA

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Chandini is an arrogant rich woman and Manohar is a poor hardworking village member who is skilled in agriculture and a proud owner of a tractor, they both have a battle of wits and end up getting attracted to each other. Chandini's Chachi plans to marry Chandini to Moti, but Moti realizes her love for someone else lies to Chachi by claiming to be married to a woman named Minoo, who actually does exist. Minoo and Moti meet each other but under a hilarious circumstance when Chachi locks them together in a room assuming them to be a couple, Minoo defends herself by injuring Moti and escapes, Chachi then learns the truth and forgives him. Minoo again meets Moti as he is her boss and Moti makes Manohar the boss of the company for a temporary term which takes a more hilarious turn for the worse. Manohar and Chandini argue about where they would like to live and stay apart due to their ego's. Manohar and Minoo during a particular situation witness Moti carrying Chandini and this causes an enraged Manohar to get back at him by claiming to marry Minoo. Manohar and Moti engage in a fight during which Minoo reveals the truth to Chachi. Chandini gets gravely injured during the fight and Chachi dominates the situation. Chandini gets cured and reconciles with Manohar, Minoo and Moti reconcile and all is well between the pairs.

Cast: Meena Kumari Bano, P Jairaj

Crew: RD Mathur (Director)

Release Dates: 01 Jan 1950 (India)

Hindi Name: मगरूर

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