Maha Guru (1985)

 ●  Hindi ● 2 hrs 38 mins

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This action oriented romantic drama is set against the background of a small rural community in India, which is ruled with an iron hand Naag Raj Darbari and his associate Shyam Kumar Talwari. When former military officer, Subhash, comes home to his mother and sister, he is appalled at the conditions that the community is living in, and decides to do everything possible to improve their lot. This gets him in the bad books of Darbari and Talwari, who recruit a hit-man named Mahaguru to deal with Subhash. Mahaguru confronts Subhash, and severely beats him up, resulting in Subhash becoming crippled for life. Shortly thereafter, Mahaguru rescues Subhash's sister from some men who were molesting her. Village belle Basanti, a close friend of Subhash, decides to have a go at turning Mahaguru around. She starts a friendship with him, finds out his name is really Vijay, and he does respond positively and becomes attracted to her. This leaves Subhash free to assist the community, thus angering Darbari and Talwari all the more. They abduct Subhash and hold him prisoner, and then instruct Mahaguru to do away with him. Will Basanti's influence change Mahaguru? Or will he just act for anyone who gives him money?

Cast: Meenakshi Sheshadri, Rajinikanth

Crew: SS Ravichandra (Director), Prasad Babu (Director of Photography), Bappi Lahiri (Music Director)

Rating: U (India)

Genres: Action, Crime, Comedy

Release Dates: 26 Apr 1985 (India)

Hindi Name: प्राध्यापक

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Did you know? Actor Jeetendra makes a cameo appearance in this as himself in the song "Pyar Ka Khel". Read More
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as Basanti
as Vijay/Maha Guru
as Girikar/Darbari's nephew
as Naag Raj Darbari
as Subhash's Mother
as Bijli
as Subhash
as Shyam Kumar Talwari
as Chanda S Talwari





Screenplay Writer
Dialogue Writer

Camera and Electrical

Director of Photography




Stunt Director
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Actor Jeetendra makes a cameo appearance in this as himself in the song "Pyar Ka Khel".