S Varalakshmi (1962)

 ●  Telugu ● 2 hrs 57 mins

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One of the many costumed spectacles featuring the Vijayanagara Emperor Krishnadeva Raya and his court (cf. the popular Tenali Ramakrishna films of 1941 and 1956). The king (NTR) marries two women, Chinna Devi (Vijayalakshmi) and Tirumaladevi (Varalakshmi). The only way he can end his war with Veerabhadra Gajapathi is to claim Annapurna (Devika) in marriage as well. The war drama and court intrigue includes a murder for which Timmarasu (Gummadi) is falsely accused. The musical consolidated Kameshwara Rao’s reputation for making box- office hits in the genre.

Cast: S Varalakshmi, Taraka Rama Rao Nandamuri

Crew: Kamalakara Kameshwara Rao (Director), Pendyala Nageswara Rao (Music Director)

Rating: U (India)

Genres: Drama

Release Dates: 26 Jul 1962 (India)

Telugu Name: మహామంత్రి తిమ్మరుసు

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as Tirumaladevi
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