Manasariyathe (1984)

 ●  Malayalam ● 2 hrs 8 mins

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Embedded with terrifying thrill and suspenseful mystery, this family-oriented crime drama traces the twists and turns in the life of Sindhu, a happily married woman. She has seemingly the perfect life, a loving husband, Venu, and two beautiful children. Like a blight upon their perfect life comes Mohan, a cruel and greedy man. Sindhu had known Mohan in college and he has had a grudge on her ever since she slapped him for his misbehaviour. Mohan begins stalking Sindhu and tries to force her into having a sexual affair with him. She keeps trying to beg him to leave her alone, but he only becomes more and more adamant. At last, she hesitantly and reluctantly reveals the truth about the harassment to her husband, Venu who becomes agitated and incensed about it. The next day, Venu goes with Sindhu and confronts Mohan head on. They get into a fist fight and Venu ends up publicly threatening to kill Mohan, should he ever try to harass his wife again. Assuming the problem to be resolved, the family goes back to their happy, simple and content lives. Then, in a terrifying twist, Mohan returns to their life, in the form of a corpse found right in their living room. How did Mohan get there? Was Venu responsible for his death? Can the family find the real murderer and how will they deal with him?

Cast: Mohanlal, Nedumudi Venu, Zarina Wahab

Crew: Soman Ambaat (Director), Reghu Kumar Varma (Music Director)

Genres: Crime, Drama, Family, Horror

Release Dates: 04 Mar 1984 (India)

Malayalam Name: മനസറിയാതെ

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