Mango Mury (2024)

 ●  Malayalam ● 2 hrs 42 mins

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Prabhakaramon abounds with deep reflections on Ambili. His wife is Ambili. He resides in solitude at his home, ‘Sreevalsam’, with desires and troubled thoughts. And what happened to Ambili? Outside the compound wall, lies a cement fort. Rooms, cars, elevators, beds, smile, and red lights…. The fort bestows its smile upon both men and women. “The fort” is a hotel “Soya Rooms”. A man would often appear by the compound wall, lost in contemplation about the intricacies of smiles and sensual delights “Prabhakaramon”. While leaning and stretching towards the compound wall, observing the camaraderie of men and women who gathered there, he boldly proclaimed, "I shall not condone any wrongdoing.” The house, hotel, and the compound wall have diminished into abstract symbols of morality and ethics. Something that is “perfect” at home is “wrong” at a hotel. Mon surreptitiously exited the hotel, absconding with the register book from the reception area. Subsequently, he began reaching out to everyone via phone calls. May I speak with Naveen, please? Kindly hand the phone to his father. Im a friend of his fathers. These phone calls cast apprehensions over every household. He persists with the phone calls, "hello, hello." Mukesh, the content and courteous police officer, also received the call from Mon….”Hello”… Upon hearing about his daughters actions, he becomes unnerved and loses his sense of happiness. Daughter, father, mother…. A single phone call was all it took to shatter the trust and confidence of numerous families. Mukesh, in his pursuit of truth, comes to the realization that what he has learned about daughter is indeed true. Mukesh and Prabhakaramon make another phone call. Mukesh declares his intention to discipline his daughter, while Mon requests an immediate meeting with Mukesh. Until they meet, Mon implores Mukesh not to punish their daughter.

Cast: Jaffer Idukki

Crew: Vishnu Ravi Shakkti (Director), Sathish Manoharan (Director of Photography), 4 Musics (Music Director)

Rating: U (India)

Genres: Drama

Release Dates: 05 Jan 2024 (India)

Malayalam Name: മംഗോ മുറി

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