Masala Padam (2015)

 ●  Tamil ● 1 hr 50 mins

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An action comedy film directed by J Laxman Kumar, starring Shiva, Bobby Simha, Gaurav, Lakshmi Devy and Shiva Sundaram in the lead roles.

Cast: Bobby Simha, Gaurav, Lakshmi Devy, Shiva Sundaram

Crew: J Laxman Kumar (Director), J Laxman Kumar (Director of Photography), Karthik Acharya (Music Director)

Rating: U (India)

Genres: Action, Comedy, Romance

Release Dates: 09 Oct 2015 (India)

Tamil Name: மசாலா படம்

Movie Rating
Based on 9 ratings
4 user 7 critic
Music Rating
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4 user 7 critic
very real movie...

its a very real life file movie ...............

is ds a movie

before critic other movis,first know how to screenplay without boring, masalapadam team , waste of money. siva a humorous hero ,u wasted his character in ds movie

Novel premise and a palatable execution, Shiva shines above the rest of the cast.

There have been a lot of moderate budgeted tamil movies released in a spree overt he last month and these are mostly by new directors with fresh concepts."Masala Padam" has an interesting premise on paper but director Laxman Kumar's execution seems to have lost its sensibility half way through.As a result the film plods across sluggishly.
Not to say this is a bad film but this could have been more well structured and narrated considering the pool of talented youngsters in the cast.The film takes off when a film blog critic tears apart a recent commercial release and faces the wrath of its producer.Invited on a chat show, the conflicting opinions here end with the experienced commercial film producer throwing a challenge at the antagonizing youngsters to create an original sensible script/story with masala elements in place.The young team zero in on a pretty photojournalist played by Laksmi Devy to enter the lives of three different men and draw inspirations from their lives and livestyles that could lead to an interesting story that they are craving for.
The 3 men as different as chalk from cheese represent the 3 strata of the society.Gaurav as Krish , the spoil t brat who aspires to be a musician and party all the time forms the creamy layer.Easy on the eyes, the actor's role seems very lop sided.Then there is Amudhan played with raw gusto and terror by Bobby Simha who does not speak much and lets his weapons do the talking.He represents the poor section.And finally there is Shiva as Mani, the quintessential middle class man who has to learn to accept his life crashing his own dreams and takes the same with a pinch of salt or let's say sugar.Shiva is easily the standout actor here.His dead pan comic humor and spontaneous comedy clearly making the scenes crackle.One particular moment when his lady love makes a surprise visit much to the family's discomfort is quite a riot.
The film is uncomfortably verbose but the first few scenes where in an RJ through his talk show throws in some witty one liners and guages the caller's reactions emerge the better parts of the film.The film ends on a rather subdued or may i say biased note with the blogger critics having their story refashioned to suit commercial sensibilities by the producer who challenged them.
Watch this for its novel premise and for Shiva's screen presence and comic credentials.

good one

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24 fps
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2.35:1, 2.39:1 (Scope)
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Music Label: T-Series, Lahari Music

Music Director: Karthik Acharya
Lyricist: Muthamil Rms
Playback Singer: Haricharan

Music Director: Karthik Acharya
Lyricist: Hyde Karty
Playback Singer: Hyde Karty, Naresh Iyer

Music Director: Karthik Acharya
Lyricist: Hyde Karty
Playback Singer: Hyde Karty

Music Director: Karthik Acharya
Playback Singer: Benny Dayal

Music Director: Karthik Acharya
Playback Singer: Karthik Acharya