Master (2017)

 ●  Korean ● 2 hrs 23 mins

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Jin Hyun-Pil starts 'One Network Inc.', the biggest network marketing company covering all of Korea. Chief Kim Jae-Myung, Intellectual Criminal Investigator, is on to Jin's company suspecting its deep and widespread connection to CEOs, politicians, and bureaucrats. Things begin to get interesting when he manages to track down the company's IT architect and brain, Park Jang-gun.
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Master Review: Should have been titled 'Masters' instead

Movie: Master (15)

Rating: 4/5

This was the first South Korean film I was excited to see with huge expectations. Finally after months of waiting, I got to watch it with English subtitles. I would in brief say that MASTER is an action thriller which is entertaining. The three lead men are the real masters of the film & I think the title should have been Masters instead of Master. But that's not an issue, man.

Lee Byung-hun, Kim Woo-bin and Kang Dong-won rule the screen with their act. But it's Lee Byung-hun who impresses yet again after his brilliant INSIDE MEN. The editing is fine but could have been better. The film could have been shorter, though it has the action sequences placed accordingly. Visuals & cinematography are eye- catching. Story and screenplay both are well-woven, but a little tighter writing would have made the film better in the first hour. Anyhow, the film keeps you hooked for the most part because it offers plenty of entertainment.

Overall, MASTER is a well made action thriller that deserves to be watched if you like action thrillers with clean entertainment. No vulgarity at all. Check it out today, or wait for the Blu-ray, if it shows any chance of releasing. I'll soon watch it again some day, but with proper subtitles.

as President Jin
as Kim Jae-Myung
Special Appearance
as Criminal Investigation Team Member
as Criminal Investigation Team Member
as Kim Eom-Ma
as Ahn Kyung-nam
as Peter Kim
as Criminal Investigation Team Member
as Police officer
as Criminal Investigation Team Member
as Assistant Han
as Park Jang-Goon
as Male employee
as Hwang Myung-Joon
as Criminal Investigation Team Member
Supporting Actor
as Teacher Shin
as Shin Gemma
as Director Han




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24 fps
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23 Apr 2016
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22 Sep 2016