Maya (2014)

 ●  Bengali ● 2 hrs 15 mins

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Neha Dey is a very successful and ambitious film star. She is a celebrity with a busy career and is happily married to Sameer Dey. Sameer is a loving and caring husband who manages Neha’s work. The couple have a small daughter called Shona who is the apple of their eye. The couple and their daughter enjoy a normal regular household full of love and care. However, their peaceful lives take a turn when one day Shona reacts to her parents violently in a fit of unprovoked rage. Neha and Sameer are bewildered with her behaviour. They seek medical help but to no avail as Shona’s personality seems to be worsening every day... Rhea decides to investigate the events related to Shona in the hope of finding another scoop. In the meantime, Shona’s bizarre behaviour causes a strain on the relationship between Sameer and Neha. Fear and puzzlement grips the Dey household. It is soon apparent that Shona is caught in the spell of forces beyond control. As Rhea delves deeper into this mystery, she experiences strange disturbing phenomena that begin to erode her firm belief in science and reality.She is shaken and seeks Ayan’s support.With Ayan’s help, Rhea unearths the deeply hidden secrets that have caused an innocent playful child to turn into a monster-like creature....What are the secrets that are hidden behind these unnatural events? Why is Shona a victim in the grip of dark forces? Why is Shona turning from a happy, innocent child into a violent, angry personality? Who is Shekhar Bose...? Is this a fight between good and evil? And above all...who is Maya???
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