Meenaxi: Tale of 3 Cities (2004)

 ●  Hindi ● 2 hrs 10 mins

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A well-known Nawab, who is an author as well as a poet in Hyderabad, India, is approached by a beautiful young woman, with a heavy Hyderabadi accent named Meenaxi, to write a story on her, which the Nawab agrees to do so. When the Nawab's antique car breaks down, he takes it to a motor mechanic, and thus a story is formed in the Nawab's mind. The story takes place in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, where his lead actress is the maternal niece of the local Raja Bijendra Singh, and the motor mechanic is Kameshwar Mathur, the only son of a multi-millionaire. Kameshwar and Meenaxi meet and are instantly attracted to each other. The second scenario the Nawab creates takes place in Prague, the Czech republic, where Meenaxi is portrayed as a young woman living in a Nunnery by the name of Maria Gulcova, who has been assigned to do some research on India and it's culture. In order to do this, she meets with a young man from India, Kameshwar, and both are attracted to each other. The Nawab takes both these scenarios into consideration, and often gets so involved that it is difficult for him to distinguish fiction from reality. Watch how the Nawab and Meenaxi handle this matter, and how an ending is set for this story.

Cast: Raghuvir Yadav, Tabu Hashmi

Crew: MF Hussain (Director)

Genres: Drama

Release Dates: 02 Apr 2004 (India)

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Did you know? M. F. Husain painted several portraits of Tabu during the making of the film. Read More
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Painter and director M. F. Husain had originally envisaged Madhuri Dixit for the titular role, but as she was unavailable, Tabu took her place.

M. F. Husain painted several portraits of Tabu during the making of the film.