Mere Gharib Nawaz (1973)

 ●  Urdu ● 2 hrs 23 mins

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Mirza Baig and his wife live a wealthy lifestyle in Jaipur, India. They have been married for 15 years but have been unable to conceive. They have prayed and visited a number of holy Islamic sites, save for the Dhargah of Khwaja Gharib Nawaz in Ajmer. The couple travel to this holy site, which is thronged by Hindu, Sikh, Christian, and Muslim devotees, pray, and return home. Months later they are blessed with the birth of a baby boy who they name Yusuf. When Yusuf is 3, they re-visit the Dhargah for placing a Manat Ki Chaddhar. Years later Yusuf has grown up, has secured first class first in college and is considered a very eligible bachelor. His parents arrange his marriage, much to his dismay, a he has fallen in love with fellow-collegian, Salma, who comes from a middle-class background. He does not oppose his parents' choice and gets married - but is delighted when he finds out later that his bride is none other than Salma herself. The family settle down to a harmonious lifestyle. Then one day Mirza gets the call to visit Mecca and Madina and both he and his wife go to Bombay where they set sail for the holy pilgrimage. Yusuf accompanies them, leaving Salma alone in Jaipur. Several days pass and Yusuf does not return, leaving Salma frantic with worry and despair. A few months later she gets word that Yusuf has been located, she eagerly travels to Bombay to meet him - and gets the shock of her life when she finds out that he has now calls himself Aslam, has adopted the profession of a movie actor, and is living with a woman named Feroza, who is also the leading lady and Producer of the movie both are starring in. Watch what impact this has on Salma and the rest of the Baig family.

Cast: Jalal Agha, Mumtaz Begum

Crew: G Ishwar (Director), Kamal Rajasthani (Music Director)

Rating: U (India)

Genres: Drama

Release Dates: 15 Oct 1973 (India)

Urdu Name: मेरे ग़रीब नवाज़

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as Yusuf's friend
as Salma's mom
as Ajmer-based devotee
as Akhtar Miyan
Supporting Actress
as Feroza's watchman
as Mirza Baig
as Yusuf Baig / Aslam
as Begum Baig




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