User Reviews for Miruthan

jayamravi 2016 hit movie

i watch this movie 1st show with my frnd movie is thriller and both action .jayamravi has act liked a great zombie

For those who haven't seen hollywood zombie films

If you've seen Resident evil and imagined Miruthan would be its Tamil version then you surely'll be fooled.The film really disappointed me. If you really wanna kill 2hrs. you might try this out.

Super thriller

Sama padam.contragulation for director and hero for giving wonderful film. Love chemistry between jayam ravi and lakshmi menon super.

A seat edge thriller with a good climax

Jayam Ravi back with his hit. A nice movie. A good try in Tamil cinema. I expected some comedy. Very less comedy. More sentiment. More action. More blood. Really a good movie to watch with ur family. The best part is the climax. Could have extended the movie and showed some more stuff. A good powerpacked bgm. Munnal kadhali song was amazing to hear. The main plus is the screen play.


A tiring zombie film

Does it have an engaging story? I don't think so. A one man army who kills thousands of zombies.

Jayam Ravi has done a complete justice to his role be it in comic scenes or in action sequences. He looked energetic throughout the movie. There is neither to complain nor praise about Laksmi Menon's role. Kali Venkat provides some laugh here and there and his portions were received well. Others have done their work and you can't complain about it.

A zombie film which has some terrific background and good camera work has been spoiled by poor screenplay. The film has a good beginning but it loses its pace after that. It fails to regain its pace thereafter. There is no intelligent story telling and no tricks to overcome zombies. It looked like a video game where the protagonist kills the demons. A few intelligent tricks or few mind blowing scenes could have been added to kill or overcome the zombies. I don't think it needs a Hollywood budget. It just needs some smart thinking by the team. The songs are a ripper,especially "Munnal Kadhali".

Director's cut:
Shakti Soundar Rajan who is capable of making some good movies like Naanayam and Naaigal Jaakirathai has failed here. His previous movies had good screenplay and some twists. Its hard to believe that he has messed up this thriller.

This film is saved by saying "First Zombie film"