Mission 90 Days (TBA)

 ●  Hindi ● Running Time: TBA

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Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated on May 21, 1991 in Sri Perumbatur, near the then Madras. The government of India constituted SIT a day later, and Major Sivaraman (Mammootty) a top investigation officer and a NSG commando with a proven track record is put in charge to hunt down the killers. His bosses Partipan, the SIT chief and DIG Raju (Lalu Alex) give him all the necessary logical support with only one request- “Catch Sivarasan alive, before he consumes the deadly cyanide”. Sivaraman due to his meticulous and systematic search is able to piece together the case, after the arrest of Murugan( Binoy Kodiyeri), Nalini(Maria), and their interrogation leads the team to the conspirator Sivarasan hiding in a house in Bangalore. The crux of the story is the last 15 minutes climax of the film. Sivaraman and his team have silently and stealthily moved and covered the house where the killers are staying. They are moving in for the final kill under the cover of darkness; waiting for orders from higher up’s sitting in Delhi, to start the operations. But bosses in Delhi want it to be delayed, so that they can be on the spot to corner the glory of capturing Sivarasan alive in front of the media! Major Sivaraman, waits the entire night for the order to start the operation, which is given only next day after the bosses arrive, at 9am in broad daylight in front of thousands of onlookers and a bungling Karnataka police! The surprise element in the operation is lost as Sivaraman finds to his horror the entire LTTE team had bitten the cyanide and Sivarasan the king-pin had shot himself, a few seconds before they broke in!!
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Dubbed from: Mission 90 Days (Malayalam)