Mr. Errababu (2005)

 ●  Telugu ● 2 hrs 34 mins

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Mr. Errababu (intermediate 5th year) the name it self says much about the character Sivaji is playing in this romantic comedy. This film though revolves around the typical plot of culture, ethics, love and affection it indeed is warm and appealing with its treatment. The story revolves around Errababu falling in love with Pooja (Roma) from London. Her dad Chakravarthy (Nagababu) opposes this but masterminds and separates the lovers pretending nice to them. The rest of the plot follows series of comical, emotional and romantic situations as how Errababu counter plots and wins his love interest. K.Dattu is successful as the cinematographer as he captured the grandeur of the locales of UK, INDIA and Malaysia on his lens and is technically proficient. Music by Koti is the one of the film's highlights. His background score for the romantic scenes and powerful one for the serious scenes help us getting into the mood.

Cast: Roma Asrani, Sivaji

Crew: K Kishore (Director), Saluri Koteswara Rao (Music Director)

Genres: Comedy

Release Dates: 28 Apr 2005 (India)

Telugu Name: మ్ర. ఎర్రబాబు

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