N+N (2014)

 ●  Chinese ● 1 hr 33 mins

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Injustice emerges since the transfer of sovereignty over Hong Kong from the UK to China. Democracy and freedom in our city are diminishing since then. The government ignores the voice from people, insisting the so-called “development” only to fulfill the interest of the rich. They demolished the homes of many villagers living in the rural area who are completely powerless to say “NO”. Facing the irrational and high-handed authorities, the benevolent grandpa in the film has chosen the tenderest way of protest. Together with his witty granddaughter, they bless the city with bamboo shoots; while their own home in a rural village is going to be torn down without appropriate arrangement, to give way for the high-speed railway in the name of “development”. This is also the education of love. The grandpa wishes to educate the new generation how to treasure the precious city's collective memory and every living tree. Being a local issue with little recognition among the international, we wish to reveal the unjust situation in Hong Kong after “the handover” and connect this local issue to the world through <N+N>, as rapid urbanization is happening all over the globe. How to strive for balance in development and natural as well as heritage conservation, for the sake of our future generation, is the main focus in our film. You+Me, Urban+Rural, when different people and diverse values are connected, there could be N possibilities. Being the algebra of any number, "N" could be anything and everything. When N=Nothing, N+N=Nothing+Nothing. "+” is the symbol we can see inside the viewfinder, in which we adjust the focus of the picture. There being numerous of relationships and values in the city, where we should put the “focusing cross” and how the N relationships and values being connected and coexisting are the main issues in the film.
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