User Reviews for Nadigaiyar Thilagam

A movie worth watching.

The hard work of the artists in the movie is clearly visible in every scene.
They have beautifully portrayed the story.
Kudos to the team.

Good movie.
As a person we could learn a lot as regards what to do and what not to do from Savitri.

Her passion and the commitment for the work she takes up is commendable.

On a positive note we could tell Savithri was a beautiful, kind and loving person.
But then we could also say she has been too naive, innocent and careless through and through which eventually caused the downfall.

Perhaps its good to be kind,beautiful and loving.
But when people are using or exploiting one must have the courage to say "NO".

Yes is good,
but then now and then one must introspect themselves and come up with no's as well.

In fact, the no's at the right time save a lot of trouble.

This is a story that tells us, how life would go if we don't take that time to introspect and just keep going on and on.

A movie worth watching.