Narasimha (1991)

 ●  Hindi ● 3 hrs 34 mins

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Baapji (Om Puri) is the self-styled king of a township. His loyal lieutenant Narasimha (Sunny Deol) commits the crimes for him. Baapji kills the only honest policeman who attempts to arrest him, and the cop’s son, who is in love with Baapji’s daughter, is severely beaten. Baapji’s daughter drives off a mountainside and declares that she will do worse if her father does her boyfriend any more harm. When Baapji asks Narasimha to expel the policeman’s family from the town, Narasimha recalls his own homeless past, reforms and turns against his mentor. The film updates Vishnu Purana’s legend: Narasimha, half man and half lion, bursts out of a pillar to destroy the evil Hiranyakashapu. Sunny Deol, acting in the Rambo-style, performs the mythological act shortly after he has been chained and whipped, and then goes on almost single-handedly to destroy Baapji’s mansion, allowing the young lovers to be united. The villain is killed through divine intervention as he is impaled by the falling hand of a giant clock. Chandra’s visceral camerawork matches the performance of the muscular Deol and together they amount to a savage argument in defence of a revivalist mass culture.
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Did you know? This film marks the adult debuts of Urmila Matondkar and Ravi Behl. Read More
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as Anita V Rastogi
as Narasimha
as Meenu's groom
as Suleiman
as Tempo dada
as Jailor Shinde
Supporting Actor
as Suraj Narayan Singh
as Saxena
as Anil Saxena
as Inspector Vinod Rastogi
as Seema's dad
as Ghaasiram Patil
as Meenu S Singh
as Narasimha's mom
as College Principal




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This film marks the adult debuts of Urmila Matondkar and Ravi Behl.