Naseema (1983)

 ●  Malayalam ● 1 hr 50 mins

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Set against a conservative rural backdrop, this realistic family drama touchingly traces the trials and travails in the life of Naseema, a beautiful young woman who has many dreams of a happy life. She lives with her mother in an impoverished setting and yearns for her betrothed, Saithali to return from Dubai, where he works. Saithali is building a comparatively luxurious house made of bricks and cement, while most of the houses in the area are mud huts. The person in charge of the construction, Mammad is a corrupt man who keeps delaying the progress of the construction. He also lusts for Naseema and causes trouble in the community. When Saithali finally returns, Naseema is initially overjoyed, but finds him to be critical of everything. He's used to a life of material comfort and looks down upon Naseema's simple existence. However, Saithali woos Naseema and makes her very happy, until his sudden decision to return to Dubai. Naseema is left all alone again, lonely and in despair. Then, Ravi, a jovial music teacher in the local school comes into her life. He teaches her many things, keeps her occupied and entertained. A lovely friendship develops between Naseema, Ravi and Usha, who enjoy Ravi's songs and contagious positive energy. However, soon Mammad is instrumental in spreading a baseless, dark rumour in the community that the relationship between Naseema and Ravi is illicit. Mammad also fuels Saithali to turn on Naseema and pass cruel judgement upon her. Naseema is heartbroken, but must helplessly watch as the whole community becomes violently divided by this problem. How will Ravi's life be impacted by this situation?

Cast: Mohanlal

Crew: A Sherif (Director), Johnson Master (Music Director)

Genres: Drama

Release Dates: 04 Mar 1983 (India)

Malayalam Name: നസീമ

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