Naya Sansar (1941)

 ●  Hindi ● 2 hrs 38 mins

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Although S. Mukherjee's production team (e.g. Gyan Mukherjee, Shaheed Latif) were involved, authorship for this film is usually credited to Abbas. It was his first major film work, in which he used his experience as a journalist to create the character of the reporter Puran (A. Kumar). Premchand (Mubarak), fearless editor of the radical newspaper Sansar, loves Asha (Renuka Devi), an orphan raised by his family. She joins the paper and falls for its ace reporter, the cynical Puran, yet she feels bound to accept her benefactor's marriage proposal. When the editor dilutes his radicalsim and starts negotiating with the corrupt Dhaniram, Puran leaves and produces a broadsheet called Naya Sansar (New World). The editor recognises his mistake, gives his blessings to the couple and even re-employs Puran, promising to stick to his radical stance. There are numerous dances composed and performed by Azoorie promoting solidarity and against Untouchability. Abbas later named his film production unit Naya Sansar Films and made all his films under that banner.
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Did you know? N. R. Acharya was a reporter before becoming a director. Read More
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The film was written by journalist Khwaja Ahmad Abbas, and was the beginning of his film career. His work for the film won him the Bengal Film Journalists' Association Award for the best story and screenplay.

N. R. Acharya was a reporter before becoming a director.