New World (2013)

 ●  Korean ● 2 hrs 14 mins

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After the untimely death of Korea’s biggest crime syndicate Goldmoon’s chairman, power struggle between top lieutenants begins - mob’s rank no.2 Jung Chung and no.3 Lee Joong-gu are the potential heirs to the throne. In order to control and observe this transition, the police begin a new operation called ‘New World’. Sitting at the pivot of this operation is none other than Jung’s right hand man, Ja-sung, who has been working undercover for 8 years. Police chief Kang has been his handler since the beginning, and he knows how fragile Ja-sung is at this moment. With a baby on the way, Ja-sung has been wanting to leave the job for some time, before he’s exposed as a mole and traitor by the mob. He’s torn between his duty and honor as a cop, and members of his gang, whom he knows will follow him to hell and back. Adding fuel to the fire, chief Kang uses mob’s internal information he obtained from Ja-sung to worsen the relationship between Jung and Lee. Due to Kang’s intimate knowledge of internal affairs, Jung is convinced that there is a mole within his group. He pays a group of hackers to hack into chief Kang’s database and brutally kills 2 undercover cops. To his utter surprise, he also discovers that his most trusted lieutenant Ja-sung is a cop too, but refuses to eliminate him. Meanwhile, Lee is convinced that Jung is conspiring against him and the mob by working with the police and orders his men to attack Jung and his group once and for all. Jung is mortally wounded but lives long enough to tell Ja-sung to make up his mind and choose a side. Operation New World is coming to a close, and Kang has full control over who succeeds to the throne. Not wanting to play the role of Kang’s pawn any longer, Ja-sung makes one final decision that nobody could have predicted.

Cast: Hwang Jung-Min, Lee Jung-jae

Crew: Park Hoon Jung (Director)

Genres: Action, Crime, Drama

Release Dates: 11 Nov 2022 (India), 13 Feb 2013 (South Korea)

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