Nick of Time (1995)

 ●  English ● 1 hr 30 mins

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Gene Watson (Johnny Depp) arrives at an L.A. train station with his young daughter, Lynn (Courtney Chase), and is confronted by mysterious Mr. Smith (Christopher Walken) and Ms. Jones (Roma Maffia). They hand him a gun, order him to kill the state governor within 75 minutes and threaten to murder his child if he doesn't comply. Smith accompanies Watson to a hotel where the governor is to speak, while Jones holds the girl. As Watson considers his options, the hour to act draws ever nearer.

Cast: Courtney Chase, Johnny Depp

Crew: John Badham (Director), Roy H Wagner (Director of Photography), Arthur B Rubinstein (Music Director)

Rating: A (India)

Genres: Action, Crime, Drama

Release Dates: 22 Nov 1995 (India)

Tagline: Within 90 minutes, someone is going to die... And the clock is ticking.

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Did you know? This film's plot unfolds in real time. Read More
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as Gene Watson
as Verbally Abusive Spouse
as Mrs. Wentzel
as Un Homme
as Hector
as Officer Trust
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as Mr. Smith
as Hackney Transportist
as Beverage Server
as Asian Woman
as Transport Reception Manager
as Irene
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as Une Femme
as Rally Orienter
as Chief Aide
as Security Associate
as Personal Security
as Weapons Security
as Gov. Eleanor Grant
as Asian Man
as Franco
as Una Niña
as Centerpiece Poacher
as JBN Reporter
as Brendan Grant
as JBN Videographer
as Illegal Security Access Carrier
as Ms. Jones
as Union Station Security
as Himself
as Personal Waste Facility User
as Su Madre
as Gustino


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Dolby Digital
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24 fps
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1.85:1 (Flat)
Within 90 minutes, someone is going to die... And the clock is ticking.
Do as they say
Ninety minutes. Six bullets. No choice.
Most of this film was shot almost entirely hand-held, using combinations of multi-camera and Steadicam set-ups.

This film's plot unfolds in real time.

This film has only one major establishing shot.