No Escape (2015)

 ●  English ● 1 hr 46 mins

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In Southeast Asia, a newly relocated American businessman and his family look for a safe haven during a violent political uprising.

Cast: Lake Bell, Owen Wilson, Pierce Brosnan

Crew: John Erick Dowdle (Director), Leo Hinstin (Director of Photography), Buck Sanders (Music Director), Marco Beltrami (Music Director)

Rating: U/A (India)

Genres: Action, Thriller

Release Dates: 28 Aug 2015 (India)

Tagline: Outrun the enemy

English Name: No Escape

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Did you know? Owen Wilson's first non-comedic role since Behind Enemy Lines (2001). Read More
*SPOILER*  Spine chilling thriller with lotsa violence and great acting.

"No escape" sends quite a few shivers down your spine and also offers all the thrills and gore in its slick run time of 106 minutes.Shot in Thailand, the film starts with the assassination of the Thai P.M and then things go horribly wrong as a coup ensues and the charging fanatic mobs wont stop before slaying people mostly expats and tourists and also a few native folks who help the struggling non locals.It is at this sore junction that Owen Wilson , our protagonist and his family are trying to get used to their new surroundings which are no where like in Texas from where they have migrated on the future promise of better job prospects and a decent living in South East Asian region.We also encounter a friendly and ever helpful tourist Pierce Brosnan who helps the family of four to flee but has a black past which he reveals post intermission.
There is plenty of butchering and an almost awe evoking sequence where 2 young girls are thrown across building rooftops with intentions of escape.While the violence , gore and even a near rape sequence are quite a bit of turn offs hinting at the ugly devilish minds of the assassins exploiting the innocent, the story never loses grip and the performances are quite nailbiting. Lake.Lake Bell as the mother torn in a strife ridden situation is exemplary and so are the kids playing her daughters.Both Wilson and Brosnan invest aching sincerity and vigor in their acts.
Worth a watch once for its compelling drama and action if one does not mind the senseless violence.

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as Concierge
as Young Rebel
as Kenny Rogers
as Grounds Keeper
as Recruiter
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Outrun the enemy
All that matters is making it out alive.
A nation in revolt. Innocent civilians caught in the middle. How far would you go to survive?
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Dubbed into: No Escape (Tamil)
Dubbed into: No Escape (Telugu)
Dubbed into: No Escape (Hindi)
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Owen Wilson's first non-comedic role since Behind Enemy Lines (2001).

Michelle Monaghan was originally cast in the lead role but after the movie was delayed, she dropped out due to pregnancy. Lake Bell replaced her.

During production a fire damaged the set in Lampang, northern Thailand. After filming an explosion scene inside a dilapidated building, the crew was in the process of packing and moving things downstairs when somebody saw the fire on the third floor of the building. No one was injured.

The movie was originally set to be released on March 6th, 2015 as "The Coup" but, in February of the same year, it was announced that it would be retitled to "No Escape", and its release was delayed to September 2, 2015.