PA.Pandi (2017)

 ●  Tamil ● 2 hrs 5 mins

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Pandi, a retired 65 years old stuntman, has an argument and leaves home to find his long-lost love, Poothendral. They broke up 40 years ago. They meet and she invites him home for lunch where he is reunited with his son and grandson.

Cast: Prasanna Venkatesan, Raj Kiran

Crew: Dhanush (Director), R Velraj (Director of Photography), Sean Roldan (Music Director)

Rating: U (India)

Genres: Comedy, Drama

Release Dates: 14 Apr 2017 (India)

Tamil Name: ப.பாண்டி

Movie Rating
Based on 16 ratings
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Did you know? The film was initially titled Power Paandi. Read More
Wanna see

Thanush, wanna see how pandi's future with thendral.... make it and give back to me in the screen

*SPOILER*  Super movie

Awesome movie bt a boring flashback

A tribute to Revati madam's contribution to Tamil cinema

Pa.Pandi (PP) review by Arun Oliver
After a long hiatus , I left the cinema hall with puffy eyes.
Do you have retired parents back home ?Do you feel condemned with the faintest guilt of not being a good son /daughter?
Then I assure you a good weep , post watching PP.
PP will remain in you as a guideline ,on good behavior towards elderly parents .

Rajkiran’s journey at an age post 70, in search of his first teenage love, doesn’t make us feel ashamed of his ACT.
The audience feel for him, the audience love him and want to see him happy.
This is what Dhanush as a debut director has achieved through the characterization of Rajkiran.

The movie reminds me of a quote , “ The ultimate aim of martial arts is not having to use them”.
Rajkiran is a cinema stunt master and the only thing He is good at, is fighting.
Many scenes show him pushed to the edge of temper outburst, but he harnesses himself.
This character of staying calm in spite of humiliation ,make the audience love him even more.
Revati , revati, you never know how much we love you.
Myself being a kid of the late 70s would say that it was revati that pampered us during our teens.
Mouna ragam , punnagai mannan, arangetra velai, kizhakku vassal ,Anjali ,devar magan, ect ect…….
‘ We have grown old together' , are the only words I long to tell her.
A feel of ‘ innocent romance' between her and Rajkiran is what makes us love their reunion .
Revati is adorable and this movie is a tribute to her contribution to Tamil cinema.
Prasanna and Chaya sing.
The manmadharasa song fame ' chaya singh ' is back to limelite nearly after a decade.
Prasanna’s repentance for being a disrespectful son ,makes us feel that he is forgiven.
Pa pandi, is not a message to those who put old folks in old age home's, it is a message to those who keep parents with them and make it as miserable as an old age home.


Wow!!! A brilliant flick which couldn't have gone any better.. Kudos to all the cast and crew!!!

Dhanush - Keep rocking with many stuff's like this!!! It was a feast watching Power Paandi in theater's!!!

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Remade as: Ambi Ning Vayassaytho (Kannada)
This film marks Dhanush's directorial debut.

The film was initially titled Power Paandi.