Pagal Premi (2007)

 ●  Oriya ● Running Time: TBA

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Surya (Sabyasachi) and Gitanjali (Arpita) are smart college students. Surya falls in love with Gitanjali at first sight. Ajay (Sukanta) is a split brat and is the son of local M.L.A. Abinash (Pradyumna Lenka).Ajay likes Gitanjali and thus proposes to her. When Gitanjali refuses, Ajay threatens that he will jump from the college roof top. Being a meek girl, Gitanjali accepts the proposal and starts dating Ajay. Meanwhile, Surya proposes to Gitanjali. In the presence of Gitanjali's boy friend Ajay, Gitanjali refuses. But Surya doesn't yet to give up on her as he feels that Gitanjali doesn't love Ajay truly. Surya tries to impress Gitanjali sincerely without creating a rift between the two. The film is all about how Surya tries to win Gitanjali with his attitude and positive out look.

Cast: Sabyasachi Misra

Crew: Hara Patnaik (Director)

Rating: U (India)

Genres: Romance

Release Dates: 14 Jun 2007 (India)

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