User Reviews for Pan

*SPOILER*  A tad lenghty fantasy purely for the kiddos

Director Joe Wright takes into fantasyland read Neverland here in his film"Pan".The film chronicles the adventures of an enthusiastic London orphan Pan(Levi Miller is controlled, confident and contagious) as he gets sucked into Neverland after being kidnapped by a ruthless Pirate and his proteges.Pirate Blackbeard seeks eternity and is linked to Pan in more than a way.Hugh Jackman is clearly unrecognizable in this snarling eccentric comic villain avtaar behind a hideous dress and a buffont like wig that could even make Sharmila Tagore's symbolic hairstyle heydays more desirable.Then there is the brave warrior princess Tiger lily( Rooney Mara kicks butt here like a true hero and also balances the emotional moments and seductive glances well) and Pan's acquaintance turned friend Garrett Hedlund who gets more easy on the eyes as the film progresses.
The film has some breathtaking CGI work of floating pirate ships and some action scenes mostly towards the climax which will appeal more to the kids than the adults.There is also a giant crocodile moment which is toned down by the appearance of breathtakingly beautiful mermaids as the rescue Pan from the jaws of death.
In spite of all its technical plusses, the film is painfully slow and the post interval portions are far better.This is a film which will be a delight for Kids inspite of its AVTAARsque production design.BTW Hugh Jackman, a break from your hunky biceps and pecs baring action movies is understandable but did you really have to do this at this stage of your career.Give me a "Wolverine " or even the more tepid "Australia"any day man.