Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (2006)

 ●  English ● 2 hrs 31 mins

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Picking up where the first movie left off, Will Turner and Elizabeth Swan are all set to be married. However the ceremony is interrupted when both are arrested for aiding in the notorious Captain Jack Sparrow's escape. The new captain, Beckett, will lift all charges, if Will can hunt down Jack and bring him back to Beckett, along with his magic compass. However, Jack is busy dealing with serious problems of his own. Legend has it that a tortured soul called Davy Jones lives beneath the sea with The Kraken, a terrible sea beast at his command. Unfortunately for Jack this particular legend is very real. Years ago, he made a deal with Davy Jones to raise the Black Pearl. Time is up. His part of the deal was to give Davy Jones his soul. Once Will finds Jack, unaware of the current situation, Jack coaxes Will into boarding Davy Jones's ship, the Flying Dutchman, and retrieve a mysterious key. This key opens the chest that contains Davy Jones's secret. With it, you can control Davy Jones and his fearsome beast, The Kraken. Once Will retrieves said key, Davy Jones is hot on his trail, now hunting down both Jack and Will. It is now a dangerous race against time. Can Jack, Will, Elizabeth and their crew find a way to reach the chest and stop Davy Jones, before he finds them and sends them all to a watery grave?
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Cast: Johnny Depp, Keira Knightley, Orlando Bloom

Crew: Gore Verbinski (Director), Dariusz Wolski (Director of Photography), Klaus Badelt (Music Director)

Rating: A (India)

Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Mystery, Romance, Thriller

Release Dates: 07 Jul 2006 (India)

Tagline: Captain Jack is back.

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Did you know? The texture of Davy Jones's skin was made by scanning a dirty coffee cup and applying it to the screen using Photoshop-type software. Read More
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Captain Jack is back.
When Jack Sparrow falls into the grave, the print of a modern shoe can be seen clearly in the dirt at the top of the grave.

When Jack Sparrow, Elizabeth and Norrington are arguing on the pier in Tortuga, the hull of a ship can be clearly seen behind them bearing a Plimsoll line, which wasn't used until the late 19th century.

Audio/Video Mismatch
When Elizabeth kisses Jack Sparrow and handcuffs him to the ship at the end of the film, we hear the distinct ratchet sound of modern handcuffs being closed. In the following close up shot of the cuffs, we see that they are consistent with irons of that era and could only have been put on with a hammer and anvil.

Character Error
Gibbs hints to Will that the crew's bone cages were made from the bones of the Pearl's missing crew members. However, those same bones are far too large to be human. The bones are also too aged to have been made from the rest of the crew.

Character Error
At the beginning of the movie when Master Gibbs is telling the tale of the Kraken, Masters Pintel and Ragetti appear to have no knowledge of the Kraken, but later in the movie, when they are rowing the boat ashore, they have a heated discussion as to the proper pronunciation of the Kraken, as if they had known it all along.

When Jack escapes the island from the Cannibals and is hit by a wave, you can still see the eyes vaguely on his face, however, the eyes that were painted over his eyelids that made it look like his eyes were open when they were shut are completely gone with no trace.

When Jack Sparrow escapes the cannibals and falls through multiple bridges in the canyon there is a river below but when Jack "lands" he is in the jungle

When the Flying Dutchman first gives a broadside to the Black Pearl, it does a fair amount of damage to the Captain's cabin stern windows. Yet when the Pearl is fired upon by the Dutchman using the "triple guns", the damage isn't there anymore.

Every time it is raining, the characters' faces are dry in close up shots. When the camera pulls back, the body is drenched as it should be in a heavy rain storm.

When Jack is about to be roasted, the native who runs across the bridge with the fire has sticks going through his right ear. Then they do a close-up the sticks are in his left ear. Then in the next shot they are in his right again.

The first time that Will is fighting the Kracken, he jumps to a sail, stabs his sword in it, and slowly goes down the sail. In one shot the material that makes up the sail is sewn together sideways, as is factually correct for how sails were made at the time, but when he goes down the sail the material is put together up and down so that his sword does not snag on the seams.

As Jack is rowing away from the Pearl, he turns around to look at the land behind him. As he is doing so, he is holding his compass and it's open. When he turns around to face the Pearl again, he reaches down and pulls out his compass.

When Will is on the half-sunken ship and fighting Jones' crew, he slashes a crew member and fish gush from his body. Almost five seconds later, in the same spot he is hit on the head and falls to the ground. The spilled fish are nowhere in sight.

When Will is about to be whipped, two of the Flying Dutchman's crew tear his shirt while leaving the collar intact. You can see the collar against Will's hair as the two haves are wrapped over Wills arms to expose his back. As the first blow lands the shirt is hanging completely lose with the collar torn through.

There's a common misconception that references to Singapore in the series are anachronistic, based on the erroneous notion that the island was named by Sir Stamford Raffles in 1819. It was actually named "Singapura" by a Malay prince in the 14th century.

Revealing Mistakes
When Will and Jack are looking out on the Flying Dutchman (Will holding a lantern) two people walking behind them are cut in half by the green screen background. In other words, their heads float by on air.

Revealing Mistakes
When the large water wheel with Norrington and Will Turner rolls into the water where Jack and Elizabeth are fighting Davey Jones' crew, it does not leave a wake when it rolls past Elizabeth and falls over on its side. It must be CGI, as an actual body moving through water would have left a wake.
The scene when Jack Sparrow calls the Flying Dutchman "fishmates" and sings to them "I got a jar of dirt" was actually unscripted and it was improvised by Johnny Depp, most of the reactions of the rest of the characters are real.

The scene where Sparrow is hurled across a canyon and landing on his feet while tied to a pole, is amazingly not using CG nor any other sort of camera trickery, not even wires. A man was actually tied hands and feet to a pole and then, by the use of specially created rigs (along with a dose of scientific pre-calculations for acceleration, distance etc), physically catapulted over that junction, doing a somersault mid-ways in the air and landing perfect on his two feet - all in one take!

When Will is looking for Captain Jack Sparrow, the last guy he asks tells him about an island where the "long pork" is very good. "Long pork" is a euphemism for human flesh.

Johnny Depp's frequent collaborator, Tim Burton, contributed some of the conceptual designs of several crew members aboard the Flying Dutchman.

The texture of Davy Jones's skin was made by scanning a dirty coffee cup and applying it to the screen using Photoshop-type software.

Rolling Stone Keith Richards was set to make a cameo appearance as the father of Captain Jack Sparrow, but Richards had to pull out of the project due to his commitment with The Rolling Stones world tour. Johnny Depp had previously said that his performance as Jack Sparrow was based on Richards.

During filming, the cast and crew had to be evacuated to Los Angeles because of Hurricane Wilma.

The dice game that Will Turner plays with Davy Jones is called Liar's Dice, a gambling game where each player has to make consecutively higher bids based upon how many of each die they claim are on the table (two threes, four fives, etc.), until a player is called a liar, in which case all the dice are shown and it's seen if the bid is correct. Normally a player only loses a die when caught in a lie and is not out of the game until he has lost all his dice.

When Mr. Gibbs is enlisting new recruits at the tavern, a bunch of men are pulling a man out of a well, and he slowly spits out water. This is a recreation of a scene in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at the Walt Disney theme parks.

It is stated in the DVD commentary that the scene where several people argue how to pronounce "kraken" was added due to an error by Kevin McNally. The word is said "Kray-ken", but when McNally first said the creature's name, he called it the "Kracken", and this caught on with the rest of the cast. The scene was added to show how the creature's name is actually said.

Gore Verbinski initially rejected casting director Denise Chamian's suggestion to cast Naomie Harris as Tia Dalma, saying that she was too young for the role. Chamian insisted he give her a screen test. Finally, Harris's mother came with her for the audition; also serving as her dialect coach, since Dalma speaks in partial Jamaican accent.

All of Davy Jones's crew were actors. They all wore dark gray motion-capture suits and before they could be filmed they had to be scanned in order for the computer to place the crew images over the top. Bill Nighy wore makeup around his eyes and mouth in case computer rendering failed to look realistic during extreme close ups (fortunately this was never needed).

According to the novelization, Davy Jones' pegleg is made of pure whalebone. His pipe organ is made of coral grown from the organic moulding of the Flying Dutchman.

At $135,634,554 domestically in its opening weekend, it was the motion picture to reach $100 million the fastest, accomplishing the feat in two days.

When Davy Jones (Bill Nighy) is playing the pipe organ, the song he is playing is a slightly sped up version of the tune that his locket plays.

Beckett's letters of Marque are signed by "George R", which is the signature of King George I of England, which places the movie in the early- mid 1700's since King George I reigned from 1714 to 1727.

This is the only 'Pirates of the Caribbean' movie that does not reference the fictitious pirate code 'Parley' (root: "parlée"/"spoken" from the French verb "parler"/"to speak").

When the sailors fight over the dress on the ship on which Elizabeth has stowed away, they talk about the ghost of a woman who was widowed before her wedding. This is a plot point in the Disney Ride "The Haunted Mansion".

Throughout the movie, many references are made to the original Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003). These include the following: Cutler Beckett is corrected by Elizabeth and Will when he fails to refer to Jack Sparrow as "Captain" (Jack insisted on being called "Captain Jack Sparrow" in the first movie); Governor Swann breaks off an arm of a candlestick inside the dungeon (the same happened to Will in the Governor's house in the first movie); Governor Swann asks where the "dog with the keys" is; the dog is still holding the keys in the rowboat; Jack asks, "Why is the rum always gone?" (he asked Elizabeth the same twice in the first movie); Will gets slapped by a lady in Tortuga (Jack's being slapped by ladies he once mistreated was a running joke in the first film); Jack says "Hide the rum" when Elizabeth arrives (Elizabeth burned his rum in the first movie); a running gag plays on the fact that Jack the monkey is immortal (he stole one of the Cortez coins in the post-credits scene at the end of the first film).

A popular pirate punishment was "marooning". The pirate who was being punished was put on an island and left, sometimes for a few days, sometimes permanently. The "dead man's chest" is a small rocky island so called because the rocks reminded pirates of a ribcage. It has no water or shade and is so low that waves frequently wash over it. To be marooned on the "chest" was to be given a death sentence under the broiling Caribbean sun.

The music played during the pub brawl on Tortuga was not composed for the movie. It is a traditional piece called "Fisher's Hornpipe".