Pirivom Santhippom (2008)

 ●  Tamil ● 2 hrs 31 mins

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Soulful and sensitive, this family-oriented psychological drama delves into the subject of mental health and human needs, through the story of Sala (short for Visalatchi) {Sneha}, who is the only daughter of her parents, but craves human companionship. In course of time, Sala meets Natesan and his vibrant joint family and their marriage gets fixed. In the company of assorted uncles, aunts and children, apart from her in-laws Sala feels as if the world is under her heels. There she experiences the love and affection of each and every individual of the family and enjoys each day but Natesan often feels that he is not able to spend time with his wife adequately. Having always been in the midst of a crowd, Natesan seeks privacy with his new wife. One day Natesan brings a news that he is getting transferred to Attakatti on promotion. Natesan feels happy that he would be able to spend more time with her. But Sala does not want to leave the family and relocate to a strange, new place. After moving out along with her husband from a house full of relatives into a house with nobody to speak to, the loneliness begins to slowly get to her. Natesan being busy in work and day-to-day activities never notices his wife's abnormality. Sala slowly becomes a psychotic, who repairs her fridge, fan and other equipments in her house and calls electrician played by Kanja Karuppu and talks with him, to overcome her loneliness. She then starts recording the various sounds that reaches her ears, like birds chirping, leaves waving in air, in to a tape recorder. This abnormality turns violent when she tries to record a child's laughter, which causes a stroke to the child and the child turns immobile, which frightens Sala. But the child regains its normal state after treatment. Ramalingam (Jayaram), a doctor who visits them, observes her abnormality and warns Natesan. But it may be too late, as Sala unknowingly consumes too many sleeping pills to overcome her loneliness. Will it be too late for Natesan to make amends for his carelessness in understanding his wife? Will Sala recover her health enough to return to the welcoming arms of Natesan's family?

Cast: Cheran Pandian, Sneha Prasanna

Crew: Karu Pazhaniappan (Director), MS Prabhu (Director of Photography), Vidyasagar (Music Director)

Rating: U (India)

Genres: Drama, Family

Release Dates: 15 Jan 2008 (India)

Tamil Name: பிரிவோம் சந்திப்போம்

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Did you know? This movie was a sleeper hit, completing 100 day run in several theatres. Read More
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as Natesan
as Visalakshi
as Electrician
as Natesan's cousin
as Annamalai



Screenplay Writer

Camera and Electrical

Director of Photography


Music Director
Film Type:
Colour Info:
Frame Rate:
24 fps
Aspect Ratio:
2.35:1, 2.39:1 (Scope)

Music Director: Vidyasagar
Lyricist: Yugabharathi
Playback Singer: Karthik, Swetha Mohan

Music Director: Vidyasagar
Lyricist: Yugabharathi

Music Director: Vidyasagar
Lyricist: Yugabharathi
Playback Singer: Sadhana Sargam

Music Director: Vidyasagar
Playback Singer: Karthik

Music Director: Vidyasagar
Playback Singer: Saindhavi, Vineeth Sreenivasan

Music Director: Vidyasagar
Lyricist: Yugabharathi
Actress Sneha was greatly acclaimed, both critically and by audiences. For her soulful performance in this movie, she won several awards and accolades, the most prestigious being the Tamil Nadu State Film Award for Best Actress.

This movie was a sleeper hit, completing 100 day run in several theatres.

One of the highlights of this movie was the filming of the song "Iru Vizhiyo" which showed most of the rituals and formalities followed in a typical marriage of the Nagarathar (Nattukottai Chettiar) community located in Karaikudi, Tamil Nadu.