Pragathi Yadhati


Pragathi Yadhati is a theatre[1] and film actress [2] based in New York City. She is also a model, playwright [3] and a poet [4] Early life She is from Hyderabad, Telangana and she was born in Anantapur.[5] Her father Yadhati Kasipathy is a revolutionary activist, thinker, orator, writer, poet and a journalist who worked hundreds of hours with Srirangam Srinivasarao for the development on revolutionary front and in the areas of language and literature.[6] Her mother is Pushpalatha. She has learnt Bharata Natyam[4] at the age of 4 and she learnt Kathak from the kathak exponent Pandit Anju babu and did her Arangetram when she was 16.