Proprietors: Kammath & Kammath (2013)

 ●  Malayalam ● 2 hrs 40 mins

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Kammath and Kammath are partners in the hotel business. It includes Raja Raja Kammath (Mammootty) and Deva Raja Kammath (Dileep). Sulaiman sahib (Rizabawa) is their rival. He runs a non-vegetarian hotel which is just opposite of a now defunct Brahmin Vegetarian hotel. He has a target of acquiring the land of this hotel. The Kammath brothers plan to inaugurate their new hotel which is to function in the same building and land of the defunct hotel. On the day of the inauguration, the municipal secretary Mahlakshmi and ward counselor Sebastian Kuzhivelil are brought by Sulaiman sahib to stop this hotel from being open. But they cannot stop it as the hotel has changed its name to Kammath & Kammath and it has obtained a new license and ownership. Hence the Kammath brothers succeed to open their new hotel. Sulaiman sahib, with the help of a thief Pathrose locks-up the elder Kammath, Raja Raja Kammath, who in lock-up meets his brother Deva Raja Kammath who has already been locked up for selling liquor in their new hotel. The Kammaths threaten Pathrose in police station and the truth is revealed by him that he has thrown stone on Mahalakshmi's house which is neighbouring the Kammaths' house on suggestion from Sulaiman sahib and Sebastian Kuzhivelil and which was accused against the elder Kammath for which he has been arrested. With the help of surveillance cameras in the hotel the reality is shown as some people sent by Sulaiman sahib hide have hidden the liquor bottle in the hotel to arrest the Younger Kammath. Later, both Mahalakshmi and Sulaiman sahib are convinced by the elder Kammath that they are not problem makers and both of them become soft with them. The Kammaths open their new hotel in Coimbatore with superstar Dhanush as the chief guest to inaugurate the hotel. One night, Sunnichan, a first time introduced character attacks Mahalakshmi asking about his sister while she was coming back to Palakkad from Coimbatore where her family is. While returning after the inauguration the elder Kammath reaches the scene and saves her from Sunnichan by assigning his driver+fighter Gopi to deal with him. On this journey Kammath and Mahalakshmi go to a restaurant for having food. There Kammath meets his old wife with her new husband. While continuing the journey the flashback is revealed by Kammath is that she was his wife, but she had a different nature which the Kammath family had never supposed of. One day when Kammath's father suffered from chest pain, as Kammath was not home his mother asks her to help her take him to hospital, by driving. she refuses as she had mehendi on her hands. Even if his father is admitted in hospital by mother alone, he dies in hospital. So they divorce. Hearing this story Mahalakshmi develops a soft emotion towards him. The next day Kammath is invited by Mahalakshmi to talk about a problem. In her home she introduces Surekha, her sister to Kammath and says Surekha scares that somebody follows her. The next day Kammath fights with the helmet covered unknown person who comes near her. Only when the helmet is removed Kammath knows that it is his brother Deva Raja Kammath. He becomes sad as he realise that he has beaten his own brother for the first time and disputes with Mahalakshmi. When they all leave the real person with a helmet who was following her comes. Raja Raja Kammath proceeds with the idea of marriage of his brother with Suekha. But Mahalakshmi tells them that Surekha is actually her deceased brothers wife and not a Hindu but a Christian. The story of Surekha is revealed by Mahalakshmi. Surekha is from a Christian family and Mahalakshmi's brother Suresh who was working in the income tax department loved her and had married her years ago with the opposition from her family. But on the very first night of marriage Suresh is killed by Vikram the henchman of her family members, who was shown as the real follower of Surekha misunderstood by all to be Deva Raja Kammath. The story reveals that Sunnichan is her brother. Even after knowing this story Deva Raja Kammath wishes to marry her. Later at her home, the Kammaths realise to their shock that Surekha is a born dumb. Even though Deva Raja Kammath decides to marry her. On the night before marriage, Deva Raja Kammath while travelling alone is blocked by Vikram and Surekha's brothers. But he escapes to a godown where the elder Kammath waits for them. There takes a huge fight where the Kammaths avoid Gopi and fight by themselves in contradiction to their normal practice of avoiding fight. The next day the villains are handed over to the police at Surekha's home where Deva Raja Kammath marries Surekha. To everyone's surprise Mahalakshmi is married by the groom found by her deceased brother Suresh.

Cast: Dileep Pillai, Karthika Nair, Mammootty, Rima Kallingal

Crew: Thomson K Thomas (Director), Anil Nair (Director of Photography), M Jayachandran (Music Director)

Rating: U (India)

Genres: Comedy

Release Dates: 25 Jan 2013 (India)

Malayalam Name: കമ്മത്ത് & കമ്മത്ത്

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Did you know? Actor Jayaram was chosen to play Mamootty's brother in film but due to unavailability of dates, Dileep was cast to replace him. Read More
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as Deva Raja Kammath
as Surekha
as Raja Raja Kammath
as Mahalakshmi
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as Maheshwari
as Driver Gopi
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as Pathrose
as Suresh IPS
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as Sulaiman Sahib
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as Sunnichan
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as Sebastien Kuzhiveli
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Director of Photography


Film Type:
Colour Info:
Frame Rate:
24 fps
Aspect Ratio:
2.35:1, 2.39:1 (Scope)
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Music Label: Muzik 24x7

Music Director: M Jayachandran
Lyricist: Santhosh Varma
Playback Singer: Vijay Yesudas, Haricharan

Music Director: M Jayachandran
Lyricist: Santhosh Varma
Playback Singer: Shankar Mahadevan

Music Director: M Jayachandran
Lyricist: Santhosh Varma
Playback Singer: Rajesh Krishnan

Music Director: M Jayachandran
Lyricist: Santhosh Varma
Playback Singer: Anwar Sadath
Actor Jayaram was chosen to play Mamootty's brother in film but due to unavailability of dates, Dileep was cast to replace him.

Tamil actor Dhanush has played a cameo role as the chief guest who comes to Kerala to inaugurate a hotel owned by the Kammath Brothers.