Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2 (2015)

 ●  Hindi ● 2 hrs 16 mins

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A romantic comedy film directed by Luv Ranjan, starring Kartik Aaryan, Nushrat Bharucha and Sonalli Sehgall in the lead roles.
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*SPOILER*  Paisa vasool boys day out film

Director Luv Ranjan packs a punch with his part 2 of PKP, the Pyaar ka Punchnama series.It is bigger, better and has more in the face humor..that is definitely going to put off women and have men roaring from the aisles in the packed cinema halls.
"If men are considered dogs, women are bitches..."(sorry for the strong words here) is what director Luv wants to clearly state and his leading women range from the childishly irritating(Nushrat) to the penny wise disguised under the expolitatives but eyes on her beau's wealth and credit cards(Ishita Raj) to the papa's girl for whom men are just like lingerie(Sonali).All the 3 women preach gender equality and also get the boys to do all things..even pay their bills, learn the different shades of pink, do household chores and buy them expensive stuff and take them on expensive dinners and holidays.
The boys here are endearing and we realise they are stupid enough to fall for girls who just want to have fun and frolic at their expense and need them to fulfil their desperate urge for sex.So Kartik Aryan's lenghty 18 minute monologue in the 2nd half is quite a cracker of sorts that shouts and screams enough is enough.Kartik is definitely on homeground here.He and his onscreen pair Nushrat(coyly irritating that I felt like spanking here from my seat) are the only ones who made it from part 1 to 2.Yes the other 2 guys are not far behind..Child actor turned Prince Charming Omkar Kapoor is balanced and sure can set the hearts on fire. His sexy striptease dance at his girlfriend's apartment to prove he is not the boring uncle types is quite a thing.And his acting is suitably restrained.Sunny Singh as Chouka gets probably the film's best moments as he plays whining puppy to his gal pal's exploitative family.He is a total scream in his intro scene when he dances to Didi tera devar.It helps that the leads are hot and stylishly dressed.The songs are picturised with genuine affection and Krabi acts as a perfect backdrop for the swimming trunk and bikini moments.Sharad Saxena is quite a hoot as Sonali's dominating conservative father.The two girls essaying Nushrat's friends give us those Pooh(Remember Kareena IN K3G) moments.
This u can label as a misogynistic film but the truth is today with women empowerment women don't mind changing boyfriends like changing their bags or dresses..a fact that urbanization and fight for survival in big bad cities with neck breaking competition has brought about.
For me PKP-2 was worth every moment from the word go, solidly enacted, well edited and presented and for a change it does ask"Why should girls always have all the fun?".Worth a watch and hilariously entertaining.

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