Rajathandhiram (2015)

 ●  Tamil ● 2 hrs 12 mins

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Gritty and gripping, this fast-paced heist thriller follows the dangers that unfold when a group of friends team up for one last, major burglary, only to become embroiled in a sinister web of deceit, violence and lies that may well destroy all their lives..
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Cast: Regina Cassandra, Veera Bahu

Crew: AG Amid (Director), SR Kathir (Director of Photography), GV Prakash Kumar (Music Director)

Rating: U (India)

Genres: Action, Thriller

Release Dates: 13 Mar 2015 (India)

Tamil Name: ராஜதந்திரம்

Movie Rating
Based on 25 ratings
13 user 7 critic
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Nice story and concept but not on time.

Rajathandhiram, as the name goes comes up with the interesting plot of hero executing the plans perfectly in his typical style but with a twist where he would tell his plans to his enemy and executes those in style. We have being seeing these kind of movies off late recently. This movie was under wraps for more time and that if this movie was released on time at that time this movie would have been a sure shot super duper hit. Still it is not late, and that the movie is taken still in the grippy manner.

Veera looked like Rajkumar yadav of queen and kai po che fame; his performance was sutle and suited the character and did not try too much seriousness. Darbuka siva was the highlight in the movie with his one liners and sutle comedy. Regina was good in the happy going scenes but should have improved in the emotional and serious sequences where she looked quite blank. Ilavarasu, Naren and others did their part good.

Technically the movie was executed quite well, cinematography was good, editing was crisp, direction was good, but I felt the output of the certain camera angles were not up to the mark, although the shot was good, the output was not perfect as the shot had lot of grains in it due to poor lighting which could have being taken care of.

Overall a nice crime thriller and definitely a must watch.

Heist could have been better

To execute a master plan all you need is perfect timing and perfect resources. Likewise, for a movie to be hit, it needs a perfect story and perfect screenplay. Off late Tamil cinema has failed to engage people because it failed either in screenplay or story. When the plot is set as hiest people expect movies like those seen in Hollywood where the screenplay is fast paced and action from the very first scene. In Tamil Cinema, it has always been two things either rob a Bank or rob people or rob a store. All this has been done previously though few failed miserably and few tried to win the hearts of people, Rajathanthiram offers you a typical heist movie with unconventional thinking together with a pinch of the Hollywood masala.

Rajathanthiram, as the name hints one would expect it to be a usual heist movie, where hero does gimmick and plays with the mind of the villain, but Debutant Director A. G. Amid has taken immense care to carefully knit the theme to the story. Every express train starts slow and then gains speed.Likewise, the movie starts slow and gains momentum towards the second half.First half of the movie makes you dis-engaged, but later you get glued with the story. Thanks to Director, there are no romantic numbers and no unwanted fight scenes. This is a major advantage for the movie.It is always a common notion of Tamil cinema to have at least one song and reduce the pace. This movie also offers you a song which might seem to be misplaced.Background score was not up to the mark as being a heist movie, one would expect the movie to be a visual and audio treat. Most scenes are uncanny and could have been removed.The story telling or the narrative screenplay is being widely adopted now days as one think it might make the audience get into the movie.

So what makes Rajathanthiram a unique one? The answer is the director has done immense homework to show a normal heist with series of twist and turns in the plot in an unconventional way, probably one of its kind in Tamil cinema. But will this suffice, the answer could only be answered by the audience.

Veera has carried the major chunk of this story on his shoulders quite good. He was last seen in Nadunisi naigal.The actor has shown good transition in acting, though his reactions on his face or his body language could have been better. Though there was less screen space for Regina, she has been picturized very well. All the co-actors have acted their part well. Darbuka Siva's one liners went on from being out of sync to be in sync with the storyline.The first few minutes makes you clueless of what is happening. Casting could have been improvised.Most of a cast, being a new face, have tried to act like veterans in the field.It is good but adds a little dismay to people viewing it.

The movie has tried to be intriguing and captivating.The film boasts the protagonist as a con-man and playing with the minds of people, but I still feel this one is below par to the movies which focussed on con-job.Also, it is high time the directors think about including logic in movies. It is highly impossible to drill into a vault of a famous jewelry without being caught in IR sensors or any sensors. Most of the films which fall under this genre runs typically 20 mins lesser than this movie.This might test the patience of the audiences, but director has ensured that the audience never look at their watch. If the audience can take this movie by what it is, it can prove out to be a new dimension for Tamil Cinema.

Overall, it is watchable and this heist is quite a statement. 3.5/ 5

awesome movie

Nice act by hero

Extra ordinary movie....

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Frame Rate:
24 fps
Aspect Ratio:
2.35:1, 2.39:1 (Scope)
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Music Label: Think Music

Music Director: GV Prakash Kumar
Lyricist: Madhan Karky
Playback Singer: GV Prakash Kumar, Saindhavi
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Followed by: Rajathandhiram 2 (Tamil)
Filming End Date:
01 Jun 2014
Fox Star Studios acquires 'Rajathandhiram'
27 Jan 2015, by Only Kollywood