Razia Sultan (1983)

 ●  Hindi ● 3 hrs 7 mins

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Emperor Sultan Iltames is known for his fairness, compassion, and sense of justice. He takes swift action when he comes to know that his very son has violated the peace, and broken the law, and has him severely and publicly whipped, incurring his wife's displeasure. The apple of Sultan's eye is his daughter, Razia, and he would like her to succeed him as Emperor. This decision raises a hue and cry against the emperor, as many are opposed to a woman ruling over them. Razia proves herself to the people by showing herself as much caring, compassionate, and dedicated as her dad, earning the respect of all, and she is accepted as the first ever female emperor of the land. After her succession, the court officials start to gossip about her personal life, and her affair with a Yakut Jamaluddin. The problem is that Yakut is a dark-skinned man, who was the emperor's slave at one time, but set free and inducted in the army. Razia must now chose between her crown and her love for Yakut.
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Did you know? The film took eight years to complete. Read More
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as Yakut Jamaluddin
as Razia Bano
as Khakun
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The film took eight years to complete.

While researching for the film, Kamal Amrohi found a book about the Razia Sultan at a museum in Paris, France.

People were shocked when Kamal Amrohi signed Dharmendra for the film. Dharmendra was involved with Kamal Amrohi's wife Meena Kumari and there were stories of Dharmendra telling her to leave Amrohi. Kamal Amrohi stated he never held Dharmendra responsible for for any of Meena Kumari's actions.

In the song "Khwab Ban Kar Koi Aayega", there is a hint that Hema Malini and Parveen Babi shared a kiss with each other.