User Reviews for Ricki and the Flash

Watch it for Streep and the music

They don't make them like her anymore..I am talking about Meryl Streep and her much acclaimed and applauded acting skills."Ricki and the Flash" is a movie experience worth viewing..thanks to Streep's nuanced performance and intense screen presence.She literally chews up the scenery whether she is strumming the electric guitar as the rockstar Rikki or even silently shedding a tear as the estranged wife and mother of three coming to terms with the harsh realities of separation and even warmly accepting the foster mother of her 3 children.
Critics may argue that this is not a patch on her fabulous body of work but for me as I sat dazed in the cinema hall..She was pure magic..never mind the wrinkles and the awful hairstyle and rock chick suits.Three other sprightly noticeable acts come from Ricki's colleague and boyfriend(Rick Springfield), her hubby(Kevin Kline) and the stepmom(Audra McDonald).Mamie Gummer, who plays Ricki's daughter heading for a divorce and depression aces her part like her talented Mom(she is Meryl Streep's daughter off screen too).Even the Flash band members and the Pub owner where Ricki's music plays are fabulously cast.
There was one very impressively staged scene in the movie which made me weep where Ricki and her co musician cum boyfriend exchange words over their true feelings for each other.Its a fabulous dialogue exchange laced with contemporary feelings of betrayal, love, lust and depreciation of self worth all so beautifully done thanks to the wonderful acting by Streep and Springfield.For lovers of rock n roll and also dramas blazing with strong performances and rocking dialogues, this one is a must watch.So don't wait.Just ROCK AND ROLL.